WoW Gets a Little Gay

BeefJack writes: "The Spreading Taint and The Stonewall Family are not just clever guild names in World of Warcraft; they also put on a big party to support Gay Pride in America. That's right; Gay Pride isn't just about marching through the streets to support homosexual rights, it's also about gaming!"

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-chaz-3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Hahaha..."The Spreading Taint"...that's pretty good

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JsonHenry3377d ago

Go here, kill x amount of these, bring back x amount of this, rinse and repeat. Several Thousand times. NO THANK YOU! You can keep your game and keeps your hands out of my pocket for this trash.

Thank God for free trials... I could have actually spent money on this game.

geda3377d ago

three equally whiny/annoying comments, all in a row. did you guys plan that?

TheAntiFanboy3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

No, ignorance is simply their excuse of expressing their discontent at something that obviously has far more depth than their closed-minded brains are able to comprehend.

Like most things in this world, attraction to a game or desire to play one is a complicated psychological response compiled via a large complex combination of variables that all happen to click together to form one large coherent feeling. The variables that stem from playing WoW apparently make click well with people. All of it also happens to be based on logic and reasoning. If it's based on logic and reasoning, then obviously there's a reason why people play the game, and one that makes sense.

Besides, if the game were all go kill X amount of this and bring back Y amount of that then it wouldn't have 11 million subscribers who are willing to pay $15 a month ON TOP of the initial cost of the game and its expansion packs to play it. There's obviously a lot more to it than people who don't like it are willing to admit or have yet to see.

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Eiffel3377d ago

We can all call that an understatement.

roflmuffins83377d ago

Lol at this website's title.

SactoGamer3377d ago

I'm sure some members of Sacramento's Gaymers Club were there.

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