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The staff here at Lens of Truth is pleased to announce the return of our review section. After working on so many other areas of the site we are overjoyed to get back to doing this. Jamie, Aaron, and myself (Jason) have been given the honor to kick this off. For are first review with our new format, we take a look at the PS3 exclusive inFamous. We know the game is a month old, but at LoT we firmly believe a game can only be reviewed once it has been finished. So check out our new flash Review to see if inFamous can harness all 1.21 jiggawatts of electrical power or just be turned into a pile of ash.

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ArthurLee3374d ago

Great review guys, I really enjoyed the game. The PS3 needs more like it.

3374d ago
Cajun Chicken3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )


Who writes your material? You're a master of deadpan in text form.

Tomonobu Itagaki3374d ago

Just for your information, TrollMan, Halo 3's native resolution is 640p. It doesn't even reach HD.

Syronicus3374d ago

As for the review, kudos to Sucker Punch for once again, winning over a review, and a well written one I might add. If you own a PS3 and have not played this game, your simply ripping yourself off.

na2ru13374d ago

Contratulations on becoming the first to reach my ignore list. You have lowered the bar of an xbox fanboy's average intelligence level down to rock bottom. Good luck on your next account.

rucky3374d ago

pp's new screen name fits him perfectly.

themyk3374d ago

@ rucky

best comment i've read all day.

BLuKhaos3374d ago

Man the those Xbox muppets are out on full force today aren't they?

meepmoopmeep3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

inFamous sounds/looks really good

i wish i had a PS3 so i can play it
no one but myself to blame for losing out on playing good games, eh?


AKNAA3374d ago

However, I still can't get pass the fact that this multi-console owner( but prefers 360) said that the graphics of infamous and uncharted looked exactly the same!!! I was like WTF?! sure the style looks similar in some ways, but by no means it comes close(graphically) to uncharted.

Boody-Bandit3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

I am picking it up Sunday at a local retailer that is running a special on it. Guess I will have to shelf KZ2 & SFIV for a week or 2.

Off topic.
Does anyone know what level I have to reach to be able to choose the sniper class in KZ2? I have 1*

himdeel3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

...given that I love this game as much as I do is that the FPS run at the same rate as they do when you are at the docks or dock area through out the full game. FPS is definitely higher in these areas. The game runs like butter everywhere but it's even butterier and silkier on the docks.

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RudeSole Devil3374d ago

Awesome game one of the best this year for sure. But in time this will be on the Xbox360 and probably look even better!

Cajun Chicken3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

In time? I don't think so, as much chance as getting Halo on the PS3.
No way Infamous would look better either.

PotNoodle3374d ago

This game is as good as first party, like said above - there is as much chance of halo or gears being released on the PS3.

shysun3374d ago

"As good as fisrt party"? It is a first party game, Sucker punch is OWNED by Sony!

Awookie3374d ago

No they aren't owned by sony but they seem to have a great relationship with them, and sony owns the ip so gl with it coming to 360

Chubear3373d ago

no, sucker punch is part of Sony's development studios. They ARE owned by Sony. Infamous is a Sony IP, First Party.

Awookie3373d ago

Your mistaken Sucker Punch is an independent company like Insomniac. Sony just owns the Infamous IP

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stealyrface3374d ago

inFamous is a great game. Visually it is stunning and with no slow down at all even with major events taking place all around Cole. i just don't understand why other developers have so much trouble with the PS3 architecture. BTW @ rudesole, this game can only run so smooth because it takes advantage of the 7 processors within the PS3.

Sea_Man3374d ago

I agree man this game runs amazing! I think the Xbox would have performance problems.

3374d ago
3374d ago
Sea_Man3374d ago

I only point out the obvious. The Xbox can't handle it. Almost every Xbox360 game I've played always has some slow down or screen tearing. I'm pretty positive the Xbox would have rendering issues. 1080p is pointless if the performance sucks.. Look at Terminator for example.

evildeli3374d ago

I Liked this game better when it was called Star Wars Force Unleashed, but only by a little bit.

Awookie3374d ago

Yea because if two games have electric powers they are the same game, that's like calling assassins creed and splinter cell the same game because they rely on stealth please just don't post if your going to say something so stupid.

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XboxGirl3374d ago

Who cares this game could be done on the Xbox360 no problem. Just look at Alan Wake.

Sea_Man3374d ago

Just like your Xbox that could never handle inFamous! NEVER!

XboxGirl3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Go back to work and bring you Blu-Ray player because that's all the PS3 is good for. MOVIES!!!

yorkie3374d ago

Did I miss Alan Wake, didn't realise it has been released yet.

themyk3374d ago

i think it could be done on the xbox as well. to bad MS doesn't care to pump out awesome exclusives all year.

and no this game doesn't sux. just cause you can't play it doesn't mean it sux. fanboytrolls. their the worst.

chidori6663374d ago



ZOMBIEMAN13374d ago

it's a 360 fangirl now i've seen everything and yes i've seen a man eat his own head . you just pissed inFAMOUS is only on PS3 and Alan Wake it looks good but it doesn't look to be as massive of an open world game as inFAMOUS , Prototype , SR2 or GTA4 and it's too dark you can barley see how your enemies look like which i ain't saying is bad but is a trick they could be using to make it look better but IMO The Darkness looks better graphically than Alan Wake but that's just me

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Johnny Rotten3374d ago

One of the funnest games I played all year!

Superduper093374d ago

Great review. I have finished the game as the Good Cole. It was a very enjoyable experience. The final boss was quite tough though on Hard mode :P

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