Sirius XM Releases 'Lite' iPhone App. WTF?

After spending millions on what is arguably the strongest lineup in audio history, why would the recently merged Sirius XM not beam its shows to iPhones, which seem built exactly for that purpose (and a million others)?

The release last week of a dedicated iPhone app for pulling down Sirius XM channels should have answered that question. But several of the most popular shows on the network have been left out of the iPhone app - Howard Stern, MLB games, Nascar races and the NFL. So, Sirius XM's commitment to streaming methods that don't leverage its own satellites has been called into question by subscribers. They've been wondering on message boards, Twitter and elsewhere why they can't get these channels on their phones.

The problem? For whatever reason, Sirius XM's contracts with these big-ticket broadcasting powerhouses doesn't include the right to stream to phones.

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