Social Gaming Summit: In-Depth On The State Of Social Gaming

Social gaming is in a rapid phase of growth and upheaval, with a variety of platforms and companies competing for significance.

The first panel at the 2009 Social Gaming Summit in San Francisco featured several notable figures in the arena: Sebastian de Halleux, COO of developer Playfish; John Pleasants, new CEO of Playdom; and Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga; with Jeremy Liew, managing director of Lightspeed Venture Partners, moderating.

These companies all have hugely successful Facebook applications -- but Liew pointed out that newcomer Farm Town has hit the big time seemingly out of nowhere, and is approaching 10 million users: "Three months ago you guys were clearly the three biggest social gaming entities but then Farm Town came out of nowhere." The rapidity of the shift highlights the volatility of the platform for even its "biggest" players.

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