Toshiba Chief Hints At Launching Blu-Ray Disc Ops

President Atsutoshi Nishida did not rule out the possibility of selling DVD recorders using the Blu-ray Disc format when addressing shareholders at the firm's general meeting here Wednesday.

"It makes no sense to decide not to enter the Blu-Ray market simply because we lost the DVD-format war. We cannot change the fact that we lost, but we would like to keep our options open," he said.

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Mr_Bun3375d ago

You can't let pride get in the way of business....especially in these times!

Smart decision, Toshiba

Elven63375d ago

Things are different in Japan, business and pride go hand in hand for many Japanese businesses.

Toshiba makes some of the best laptops and HDTV's, it will be interesting to see how they do their Blu Ray players IF they are really getting into the field.

PLASTICA-MAN3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

will adopt the bluray in the near future!

Sony Rep3375d ago

This is from the same company that tried to promote up-converters after HD-DVD lost.

I guess that worked out great...

Marty83703375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

So the upscaling DVD to 1080p has'nt worked Tosh. lol

All aboard the Blu-ray train.