Infinity Ward explains how community's shaped MW2

Speaking to, Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling explained how the feedback Infinity Ward gathered from the community has influenced development of the game, pointing specifically to the snow level shown at E3 earlier this month.

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mrv3213195d ago

A snow level erm... good... but if you truly listened to the community you'd add dedicated servers, clan system but you won't because that'll cost money, but you will release some DLC wont you.

Karum3195d ago

If they added all that stuff then people might not be willing to buy the same yearly iteration all the time.

LazyDevs3195d ago

Dedicated server's? Must be talking about the PC version of the game cause my CODMW on my 360 was pretty much flawless. And actually you don't have to buy the DLC.

Jinxstar3195d ago

I agree. When I had my 360 COD4 had some issues when I joined a game. Sometimes I knew I shot that guy and he should be dead then he would WTF kill me. Then the same junk happened on the PS3 version. Dedicated servers would be nice. Heck Battlefield:BC had them, Warhawk and others as well. Makes for more balanced gameplay.

As for DLC... As long as it's really worth it I don't mind.

mistajeff3195d ago

I had 2 free months of Gold, and all I did was play COD4 and the Red Faction beta. The lag was unbearable, even on my stable landline connection. I have a PC, PS3 and 360 and in all the online multiplayer I've ever played, Live was the worst. I guess my case is a rarity but to me, there's absolutely no reason to pay $40 for 13 months of network connections that are sh!ttier than my PC and PS3. Not THAT much sh!ttier, mind you, but completely unacceptable for a paid service. I had people sending me private messages to links for petitions to get Live and/or COD to use dedicated servers, so I know I wasn't the only one experiencing it.

The ultimate deal breaker for me, though, was the sheer number of pre-pubescent kids faking british accents in every game I played. No matter how many people I ignored on my account, those little [email protected] were ALWAYS there. I'm so glad the PS3 doesn't come with a headset, people are so obnoxious and Live did a fantastic job of reminding me why I've never liked online multiplayer and I rarely play it.

Uncharted 2 beta did a fantastic job of showing me how awesome online co-op can be, and how you don't need headsets if you're working with competent people.

Anyway, that's my personal experience at least.

The_Count3195d ago

The count agrees! Not enough new features to count!

Ah ah ah.

XxZxX3193d ago

no no, Community sometimes has the worst ideas ever, i want this i want that. Combine that it become a crappy game, example Star War galaxy. I suggest IW should pay more attention on designing and use community only as feedback but not absolute.

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DragonWarrior_43195d ago

They obviously haven't listened. The ps3 version of COD4 and WAW is still crap compared to the 360 versions. But I guess their Sony fans aren't relevant anyways? LOL!

crillyconlig3195d ago

please explain this? just curious

mistajeff3195d ago

I always heard that COD4 was exactly the same (visually) on both consoles, and in some cases the multiplayer ran better on the PS3. I had COD4 for the 360 and tried 2 free months and the lag was disturbing, I had WaW for PS3 and never had any issues with network problems, but I only had it about a week because it's not worth $60 for a WW2-themed map and weapon pack. 4 hour campaign? How can Activision get a way with pricing that as a full game?

crillyconlig3195d ago

no matter what any one says, both games are the same, both had the issues with lag and host ending games, this is because of PtoP hosting which isnt good enough these days. dedicated servers are a must.

table3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

When I play CoD4 on the 360 at my mates it doesn't look as good as my PS3 version. It is probably the lighting or the TV settings though. Equally, both games lag and have annoying connection errors. It's getting kind of tiring always seeing comments that pretend the 360 version is always better when clearly it's not.

If it's one thing they need to sort out in MW2 it is the connection issues. I also hope that if the maps are bigger they allow a higher player count but I dunno if xbox live can run alot of players ok? Someone tell me.

Downtown boogey3195d ago

which is only noticable if you're gonna look certain surfaces intentionally.

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Winter47th3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 is based on the sh!tty Xbox 360 Matchmaking system, they've simply dumped a decade-proven-worthy method "Server Browsing, Dedicated Servers" for that crap, that's why I won't get it.

Maybe those peeps can learn a thing or two from Resistance & Killzone, perfect clan support, servers around the globe, great post-release support, patches are a priority. But WTF do they know.

Their heads are so far up their asses that the only sound they hear is their own echo. "Shaped by the community" yeah okay. UTIII is shaped by the community, MOD SUPPORT, Keyboard & Mouse, Free DLCs, shaped by their wallets is more like it.

-MD-3195d ago

Ignorant person says what?

Winter47th3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Son, do you police logic to keep it behind bars or is your head so far up their asses too?

Judging me by being ignorant while I gave clear examples of how inferior their system is doesn't exactly shove your opinion to them. kthxbye.

Ace Killa 083195d ago

not all systems need to have the same features, if MW did have mod support great, but and if did not then great too the game is good as it is. also for the community part i do believe IW is a good developer that does listen to the community. now if they listen to the feedback and shape the game around the feedback given by the players then the game is a community based game, nothing compared to the games you mentioned but it still a community game since they do listen to the players

swiftshot933195d ago

And I never want to see "Host ended game" ever.

And fix the grenade spamming.

Thats pretty much it.

N2NOther3195d ago

Ah, yet another poor sap who is too thick to learn not to rush in after a kill. I can't believe there are still people who complain about this. Even a rat learns not to eat the electrified cheese.

crillyconlig3195d ago

i do agree it should be removed, it takes no skill to use this perk and it dumbs the game down, its easy to avoid if your smart though.

CyberCam3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

that's the number one reason I'm not buying this game, also the juggernaut perk as well as ever popular stopping power perk that basically renders all cover useless in the game. Why not just have all your maps wide open and forget coding obstacles & buildings, it ends up being a waste of time with that stopping power perk, 90% of COD4 gamers use it! ( I don't know if WAW have those perks, I didn't buy it nor rent it?)

Tomkar3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

If I see "Host ended game" and "Connection interupted" ongoing for more then a month without any fixes or patches I will sell this game and never again lay hands on a game made by IW or even Treyarch(same BS in different skins), Im better off playing games made by DICE, GG, Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games and Zipper Interactive!

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