Survey: Halo 3: ODST Leads 50 Most Anticipated Games List

According to the latest tracking study provided to Gamasutra by OTX's GamePlan Insights, Xbox 360-exclusive Halo 3: ODST easily leads all other games in post-E3 purchase intent, followed by New Super Mario Bros. Wii and God of War 3.

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Chicken Chaser3376d ago

holy crap lol

" Forza Motorsport 3 (53), Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (61), Metroid: Other M (70), MAG (86), Heavy Rain (91), and Alan Wake (115)"

now this is what most people here don't understand... this games are going to sell good..there's no doubt about it ..but sadly they won't shape any aspect of this console wars like most people think

even funnier..if you intend to win something you need Halo, Mario , God of War and Call of Duty..thats it

meepmoopmeep3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Uncharted 2 is the only game i care about in 2009

there are great ones coming out, but U2 is MY most anticipated.

Dissidia for PSP
Splinter Cell for 360

nothing for Wii or DS

ID IR A G 0 N3376d ago

odst is getting a lot of sales because it includes the halo reach multiplayer beta. it might come with a stand alone halo 3 multiplayer disc with all the dlc, but im not sure about that one.

odst is also adding a horde type gameplay mode which sounds kinda fun.

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Sean Ryno3376d ago

Your an idiot. Marketing alone would have simply sold the game. It's been 3 years since it released and it's still at the top of live. Admit it, the Halo franchise is more than smoke and mirrors.

BTW: Those things about Britney are true of pretty much all pop-stars. But I'd still do her.

The Master Chief3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Menoyou is your typical Sony fan who will talk trash about Halo, a superior shooter to any PS3 shooter....and then go play Halo wanna-be's like Resistance with not even 1/10th the amount of features/gametypes/level editing/MLG/theatre mode.

It's funny. Halo is #1

Thugbot1873376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

StarCraft II - Overdo!!!
Where is Diablo 3 ????

I will be picking up Halo 3 ODST along with several other games.

Downtown boogey3376d ago

A Metal Gear? A bipedal nuclear-equipped battle tank!

3376d ago
Downtown boogey3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

If you didn't play the original Halo then you should be silenced.
And CoD4, which almost every Halo hater is a fan of, introduced FPS games for a lot of people respectively. I have this PSN friend whom I've only seen playing CoD4... A LOT of CoD4 and I added him TWO WEEKS AGO!!!

The Xbox Empire3376d ago

"Weak storyline, weak characters, weak A.I., weak online setup (compared to recent games), and all-around generic personality make it pretty lackluster."

You're opinion is whats pretty weak.

u got owned3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

@ LeonSKennedy4Life

"What does Halo have going for it?"

It has;

1) Great Multiplayer
2) Huge Community (players)
3) A lot of download content.
4) Great community support (by Bungie)

that's to name a few.
_____________________________ _____________________________

"Weak storyline, weak characters.."

yeah K2 comes to mind.

If Halo was so bad as people here say, it wouldn't have such a strong following. Please people think before you post.

tuglu_pati3376d ago

I've been gaming since the beginning of the game industry and playing Halo 1,2,3 is one of the best times I ever had.

I want some ODST, first day buy for me.

el zorro3376d ago

Ps3 fanboys can be so funny the way they are always trying to downplay 360 games. I bought into all the hype and bought Resistance and Killzone 2 and while they are good games, at the end of the day I would still rather play Halo 3. Halo 3 ODST is a first day buy for me.

likedamaster3376d ago

Halo is king, so what else is new?

da720izcumin3376d ago

your whole argument is weak...

ID IR A G 0 N3376d ago

i dont understand why people are giving me disagrees. i didnt say anything that was really wrong.
i like halo quite a bit, but who knows why fanboys are so of the wall(both sides). people give disagrees with no real reason posted after it. just seems a little weak to me

bpac1234567893376d ago

theres no way that uncharted 2 is that far down the list. and i know that even xbox fans arnt that excited for halo odst. with all the great games that where shown halo odst did not impress. i was much more interested in allmost every other game, such as, uncharted, gow3, splinter cell, and modern warfare 2.

Feihc Retsam3374d ago

I'm more excited for Modern Warfare 2...
My handle is Master Chief, backward, for Christ's sake, so don't say I'm hating. I just happened to pick up COD4 again the other day and play for a bit. The game is f*ckin' amazing.

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Omega43376d ago

Certainly is very odd, sure Halo is massive but it barely got any coverage at E3 yet it leads with a 300 gap purchase intend...

Seems like there is quite a bit of hype for the 360 version of FFXIII, shame the same cant be said for the PS3 versions of Bioshock 2 and Dead Rising 2 which dont seem to of charted at all.

Chicken Chaser3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

yeah or Assasins Creed 2.. it was demoed at the sony presser and it ranks at 19 on ps3 and 5 on 360

btw.. Microsoft is so luckyy to have the halo franchise really ... they should pray every day and thank god for that because HALO is so damn big right now is ridiculous ... and the xbox would be in the grave right now if it wasn't for Bungie.

-MD-3376d ago

"and the xbox would be in the grave right now if it wasn't for Bungie. "

False. Even without Halo 3 the 360 has still shifted more software than the PS3 has. By ALOT.

Omega43376d ago

That is true to some extend, Halo has done for MS what Mario did for Nintendo and what 3rd Party exclusives did for Sony.

Each company needs something to help them succeed its just that even after all these year Halo remains as strong as ever.

Deviant3376d ago

"...3rd Party exclusives did for Sony" wait what?

Chicken Chaser3376d ago


" False. Even without Halo 3 the 360 has still shifted more software than the PS3 has. By ALOT."

First..i'm talking about the original xbox and what Bungie's Halo did for it.

Logic tells you that if Halo fails ..the xbox also fails and that leads to no 360 and no sequels.

So yeah ...The xbox would have been dead without Halo. So MS is Veryyyy lucky to have Bungie.

Chicken Chaser3376d ago


Devil May Cry, GTA , Metal Gear Solid , Final Fantasy ,Tekken... etc etc etc

All those games are from Third Party Publishers and helped Sony's PS1,PS2 to achieve all those sales.

Sony Rep3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

"Seems like there is quite a bit of hype for the 360 version of FFXIII, shame the same cant be said for the PS3 versions of Bioshock 2 and Dead Rising 2 which dont seem to of charted at all."

Yeah. So much hype... FFXIII (PS3) is five and FFXIII (360) is fourteen. GT5 is fifteen with little to no coverage at e3, and Forza 3 didn't even chart the top fifty. So much for being the definitive racer this gen... Hopefully, it sells better than GT5Prologue. Lawl

And Halo only appeals to the xbox crowd. Didn't matter when the PS2 had a hundred million consoles sold, doesn't matter now.

Chicken Chaser3376d ago


yeah just like

Modern Warfare 2 360-#6
Moder Warfare 2 PS3-#24

Assasins Creed 2 360-#5
Assasins Creed 2 PS3-#19

Uncharted 2 didn't even rank in the top fifty .. so much for the E3 Game of The Show right? Hope they don't have to bundle it again with every ps3 to sell some copies. Lawl ;)

silvacrest3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

the xbox crowd no what they like and its halo, with a pinch of halo on the side and for dessert? moar halo

@Chicken Chaser
mass effect isnt even on the list so is that also an automatic fail in your book?

Omega43376d ago

Thats exactly what I was getting at Chicken Chaser, no single game carried the PS brand but Halo and Mario did for MS and Nintendo

@ silvacrest

Why would Mass Effect be there its already out, but Mass Effect 2 is at a resectable 25th

ps3gogetitt3376d ago

You just schooled Sony REP... with 2.8

... It pays to pay attention and not just look at what you want see for your console of choice

People play games for fun... if its fun they will keep coming back

3376d ago
Sony Rep3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

"Thats exactly what I was getting at Chicken Chaser, no single game carried the PS brand but Halo and Mario did for MS and Nintendo"

Hahaha. Carried Microsoft where? To second place? lol. A year head start and a far lower price point carried the xbox this gen. Halo wasn't relevant with xbox vs PS2, nor is it relevant now.

Btw, Gran Turismo is bigger than Halo. Just poked a hole in your logic.

Eiffel3376d ago

The only draw back between Halo and GT Sony Rep is that no matter who you ask even if they're not a gamer, they know what Halo is. I've had to remind a few of my friends what Grand Turismo is. But of course in mass media who does not know what Halo is? Despite which sold more, the most popular by far even in mainstream networks. Is Halo.

silvacrest3376d ago

i ment mass effect 2 (i thought that would have been obvious)

i didnt see mass effect 2 on the list. CTRL + F = fail

Morituri3376d ago

You have mastered the art of subtle trolling. Really, I'm quite impressed.

edgeofblade3376d ago

I do love my Halo, but I would agree that Xbox would be much worse off without it. Don't know about dead, but probably behind PS3 in sales.

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Deviant3376d ago

shame odst looked like crap compared to the other xbox exclusives

StanLee3376d ago

Really?! I thought it looked fantastic and I can't even stand Halo. I thought it was one of the more impressive demoes since I wasn't expecting more from "another Halo".

rupi3376d ago

WHAT???!?!? If you liked Halo 3 multiplayer and campaign then ODST shall be AWESOME!!! All it is is a complete extra campaign and a lot more multiplayer. If you say that ODST looks like sh*t then you're pretty much saying that Halo 3 was sh*t, which it most certainly was not. In fact it one of the best campaigns ever in my opinion.

RememberThe3573376d ago

But Conviction looks much better. Unless we're talking about actual exclusives (no PC version), if so then ODST is really the only exclusive I can think of for the 360.

FantasyStar3376d ago

For me it's a mixed bag. Yeah ODST doesn't look great by '09 standards. But I suppose the gameplay factor has me more hyped than the graphics. We'll see 09/22.

table3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

I didn't think it was possible but yes, ODST looks even more average than Halo3.

Infact, I was playing Halo3 at my mates last night and after five minutes we looked at each and said, "this is pish". Promptly we put in virtua tennis 2009. I keep saying it but Halo3 is crap compared to Halo:CE. The fanboys will disagree of course.

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peeps3376d ago

i'm surprised it's most anticipated. out of the two i'm more anticipating Halo:Reach!

anyway we all know it will sell like hot cakes, i'll be buying a copy when it launches (tbh the whole 'day 1 purchase!!!' thing lol, if i'm interested in a game i will always get it on the day of release) but i'm not all that excited about it. i can't even remember the release date! lol i guess cus it's not a massive leap from halo 3, sure they will be adding in lots of stuff, different maps, maybe different modes etc etc but from what i've seen so far its v similar to halo 3.

LightofDarkness3376d ago

Well, Halo: Reach is still a long ways off, ODST is released this year and will of course have more anticipation as it nears release. Once more is known about Reach, you can be sure it will pick up steam.

peeps3376d ago

yeh, but like i say, i think it lacks anticipation from me because it's not a big step up from halo 3. so yes we will get more halo 3 goodness which is great for fans, but for me personally i was let down by halo3 after spending countless hours on halo2. So i guess thats why i'm more anticipating halo:reach as it's the 'next' 'real' halo in the series

Minute Man 7213376d ago

Reach will be using a new engine

bjornbear3376d ago

Look at britney spears sales vs say...queens of the stone age =P which do you prefer? and which do the masses praise?

Theres always that strange gap, for me anyway =) Still, I'm sure this will be a good game, hopefully adding more of new to the Halo franchise

LightofDarkness3376d ago

Not quite, the Stones have 12 multi-platinum selling releases and 28 platinum, resulting in estimated sales of ~70 million units. Britney has sold about 45 million. And, believe it or not, there is still more anticipation surrounding a Stones release rather than a Britney release. She's past her best, and so are they, but they have real staying power and are legendary. So really your analogy goes either way.

poopface13376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Im more of a sublime person. Or maybe the old modest mouse or atmosphere.

The masses like halo because its the best multiplayer(as in multiple people on one console) game this gen. Is there another FPS that lets you play 4 player splitscreen over live in matchmaking with only one gold account????? no. No pc, ps3, or 360 game has a feature like that.

Halo has gained popularity because since halo 2 you can have friends come over while playing online, and you can all play at the same time, instead of taking turns.