IncGamers - Battlestations: Pacific Review [360]

IncGamers' Andy Alderson writes:

"With all the recent debate over whether real time strategy games can actually work on consoles - Halo Wars and EndWar argue in favour, Stormrise against - it's easy to forget that Eidos Hungary made pretty big steps in the right direction back in 2007 with Battlestations: Midway. Billed as a seamless combination of action and strategy gameplay, Midway had some interesting ideas at its core although it also suffered from questionable design in places."

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thetamer3378d ago

I love the ladies of Battlestations games. They always make me think that war-time is a good thing for glamour!

Malfurion3378d ago

Looks fairly decent, I always enjoy a good war game :)

Chazmers3378d ago

looks good, liked Midway so will pick this up

Dorjan3378d ago

Nothing is mentioned of the controls, how easy is it to control?