Gearbox working on Call of Duty rival?

OXM UK reports that Gearbox could be working on a rival title to Call of Duty.

Gearbox has registered trademarks are for the names World War II Hero, War Hero, Brothers In Arms War Hero and Modern War Hero. This also follows comments by Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford that Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series is great but they should try something new.

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CBaoth3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Like MODERN WARFARE isn't generic as well? Don't even get me started on MAG.

-MD-3376d ago

Massive Action Game lol yes this is king of all generic titles.

SuperM3376d ago

Nope. Modern Warfare sounds good. And Modern War Hero sounds awefully much like a ripoff. A really bad one.

Syronicus3376d ago

If they are trying to make a game that rivals COD then they need to work with something other than the BIA's engine they are currently using. BIA and COD have always been completely different and trying to compete would be bad for Gearbox.

In other thoughts however, I would like to see them make a modern warfare game with the same controls as BIA:Hells Highway.

Cajun Chicken3376d ago

lol, I sort of like MAG. Generic title as heck, but as an old UK commercial used to say 'It does what it says on the tin'.

poopsack3376d ago

although they did scrap that for MAG: Shadow War, and its no longer an acronym for "Massive A.." but u prob dont care, and repeat this to urself while u touch urself at night.

poopface13375d ago

Gearbox says others should try something different, then blatantly creates ripoff to every game they criticized.

I really thought opposing force was good, but gearbox shouldnt be telling people to "do something different" and then try to rip it off.

At least infinity ward didnt call COD4 counter-terrorist hero.

I wonder what their halo ripoff will be, "alien killer hero". these names sound like something you get in the "1001 games in a fake n64 controller" thing.

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Mikelarry3376d ago

is the first mistake a developer can make by saying they are trying to rival another proven big game. gamers arent going to judge the game on the positive sides now they are just going to compare looking for every negative aspect of which this game fails compared to call of duty.

Cajun Chicken3376d ago

Yes, this exactly the same thing like when core members that made early Medal of Honour games for PC broke up, set up a company called Infinity Ward and claimed they were going to make a game better than Medal of Honor that was going to be called Call of Duty.

LightofDarkness3376d ago

If you read it(not even carefully...), they haven't claimed anything. OXM just reported that Gearbox have registered names for a series of titles, without any mention of intention or content.

peeps3376d ago

yep the 'call of duty' rival just comes at the prospect of a new war game in modern times lol

Mikelarry3376d ago

whether or not IW did the same thing its still not a good idea for example qauntum supposed to be the ps3's version of gears of war gamers were quick to burn it down for all the negatives, why not just produce a game and let the public make up thier mind about what the game isnt and who it rivals. but good luck to them at producing a game that rivals cod the series

evrfighter3375d ago

@ cajun

EA killed Medal of Honor. Simple as that

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Tomkar3376d ago

Let them do their job and hopefully we will get anoyher game on the market, it cant get worse only better with another game ;)

The-Director3376d ago

If it's another WW2 game they shouldn't bother.

Skynetone3376d ago

Whats next G.T.B, a GTA rip off

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