Portugese President Delivers Speech Via Second Life

Holy antiquated technological gimmickry Batman! On June 9th, Portugese head of state Aníbal Cavaco Silva became the first president in world history to deliver an official speech from within Second Life.

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duarteq3312d ago

It's Portuguese, not Portugese...

bjornbear3312d ago

Cavaco Silva!! Hahaha! Who knew he had any idea about second life =P

This is incredibly trippy! VA CAVACO COME LA UM POUCO DE BOLO REI!!

Dark-vash3312d ago

Ah poisé!!! Muito a frente!

Portugal FTW! Something about us beside Cristiano Ronaldo! LOL

Cumprimentos tugas!

Information Minister3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Cavaco Silva sure knows his tech stuff. Now, if only he could run the country with the same efficiency...

And I don't see how this is game related (unless you consider Second Life as an MMORPG).

Dark-vash3312d ago

Socrates does! :P

Anyway, its under Industry tab! N4G is not game exclusive...

Information Minister3312d ago

Eu sei que é o Sócrates quem nos governa(?), mas o Presidente tem o direito de veto e não o usou tanto quanto podia/devia. Mas que é um Presidente viajado lá isso é.

Gorgon3312d ago

"...mas o Presidente tem o direito de veto e não o usou tanto quanto podia/devia."

E ainda bem.

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