Level256 : Fight Night Round 4 Review

Girl Gamer FiniBOOM, from, describes her experiences with Fight Night Round 4. FiniBOOM writes:-

"Fight Night Round 4 lets you control your character's movements with the left stick and his punches with the right. When you block a punch you can counter attack, which is by far the quickest way to do lots of damage quickly. It's quite difficult to get the timing right on the counters but they are well worth it once mastered. This and the ability to fight dirty when the ref isn't looking should lead to some interesting and closely contested fights in multiplayer. With glancing blows and signature punches also available, it looks as though EA may well deliver on their promise of no two fights ever being the same. In fact the level of control you have over your boxer's movements is very impressive, though occasionally it felt that the game took a while to register punches. The AI responded very well and adapted to the player's fighting style, ensuring that the same trick didn't work over and over again and keeping each bout interesting."

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