Eurogamer -- Fallout 3 : Point Lookout review

Kristan Reed from Eurogamer writes:

"It's a rare game indeed that warrants the investment of time that Fallout 3 does. Yet somehow the sprawling post-apocalyptic wasteland drags us back no matter how many times we think we should be bored of it. Already four DLC packs down the line, Bethesda has certainly delivered on its promise of episodic content - but so far, the quality has been a little variable. Cue a gravel-voiced "Previously on Fallout 3"...

Operation Anchorage was an inauspicious way to kick off the DLC onslaught, with a boringly easy, overly linear trudge only saved by the intriguing scenario. Then came the infamous Broken Steel debacle, which, although it was a much better extension to the storyline, was fraught with technical difficulties when it first appeared."

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