Team ICO's Last Guardian Mystery

Chris from TheSixthAxis suggests that there's two giant beasts in the game, not just one. "From the footage we've seen," he says, "it's obvious the creature your character befriends isn't black, so is there another creature? Perhaps one that isn't quite so friendly, and would be only too willing to eat your up?"

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SolidAhmed3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

who knows since team ico are known for twists in their games.

can't wait for this game maybe i will just take a vacation when this game hits the market to enjoy it.

himdeel3287d ago

Well in ICO the mother of Yourda was evil and given this game is more akin to ICO I could see that as being an awesome addition to the game and add another level of suspense trying to avoid this other beast.

FamilyGuy3286d ago

The black feathers came from the crow. If there was a second, evil, griffin that would makes sense to why the soldiers seem to be trying to kill this one, or maybe it's mom was so bad that they don't want this one to grow up and possibly become like her.

This game is too far off for all this speculation, we should just wait till more is officially revealed.

Godmars2903287d ago

As excited as I was at the thought of befriending one monster, the idea of another one less than friendly lurking around...*shivers*

sinncross3287d ago

You know this could add so much to the game... if the creatures d olook very similar then the ghame will play on nowing how well you know the creature you originally befriend, and forgetting could result in a different story branching or death as suggested.

THis is a cool theory, I wonder if it is true.

El Botto3287d ago

Only on PS3.

Try stealing that, nuthuggers.

NeloRisi3287d ago

Babies dont sprout out of the ground you know. They *usually* have mothers. Very protective mothers.

Mothers that can become aggressive if they think their child is in danger.

SevWolf3287d ago

Thats a gd thought, maybe the other one is the over protective mom or something
bubbles for the thought :)

Raf1k13287d ago

true but the game is called The Last Guardian.

I would think the the griffon in the trailer would be that last guardian so probably the last of it's kind. But then again it may not be for all we know.

CoxMulder3287d ago

I was leaning more towards the idea that the little boy is the last guardian. Sole survivor of an ancient bloodline, whose sole purpose is to protect this mythical creature from the dangers of the outside-world.

Raf1k13286d ago

that sounds so much better than what I thought lol

xabmol3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

No one really knows who the Last Guardian is. It could be the griffin (a bit obvious) or it could be the boy.

I was thinking that the boy may be a key of some sort. Kinda like Yorda. He did seem a bit glowy to me. The griffin also has horns like the kid from ICO. I think this game is a bit of role reversal from ICO. Notice in the E3 trailer that the kid is a bit defenseless and even got picked up and carried away by an enemy.

Besides, if there is 2 griffins, it doesn't mean one can't be the last guardian.

mfwahwah3286d ago

I suspect the crow left behind those black feathers!

SPOILER ALERT FOR TLG! Toriko and the boy make love and give birth to the line of horned boys.

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The story is too old to be commented.