Online Gaming: Better than Sex?

"Horse riding, rock climbing, gambling, dating, clubbing and exercise; these are but a mere few of the options available to people looking for a recreational activity. With so much choice of possible activities in the world these days, how does online gaming stack up against everything else out there?" - from gameplayer

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Sucks2BU3339d ago

Score one up for the virgins

badz1493339d ago

and who the hell keep disagreeing with people saying online gaming is no more funner than sex?? maybe a virgin dork is lurking around this article waiting to press disagree every time someone says no!

Jamie Foxx3339d ago

im sure alot of them disagree with my first comment

AKNAA3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Oh my gawd man! Lol! you got a disagree jamie!
No game is better than Sex period. Hell! I think about sex while playing video games!

GVON3339d ago

lol,I agree with Mr Foxx not even scoring a goal is better,I mean come on,online gaming vs well you catch my drift.

Rekyyli3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Having a blowjob while you are gaming is the way to go. Just remember to turn off your mic if things get too hot.

Clearly a win-win situation. Multiplatforming at its best.

Jamie Foxx3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

would they be so passionate over a piece of plastic hooked up to a tv? only single gurls should be passionate over a piece of plastic ;)

wiggles3339d ago

Jamie, your up to 3 is this even possible?

FamilyGuy3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

What about those in long relationships? Those bored with their sex life? I'm sure there's plenty of people who aren't virgins but "prefer" online gaming. Most of you sound like having sex is a rare occasion for you so sex > everything else.

When me and my girl first got together we had sex so often we ignored our responsibilities. Dropped out of school (community college) called off for work a lot, quit job. Be careful.

ANYWAYS, last time this question came up something very funny was said about those who say "Sex of course" :
Which activity do you spend the most time doing?
How many hours a week do you game online?
How many hours a week do you have sex?

If I had sex as often as I gamed online I would be considered a sexaholic/nymphomaniac. I'm not one of the disagreeing people btw, they're probably all just opposing fanboys who disagree with whatever you say, no matter the topic. The probably take your bubbles too.

HDgamer3339d ago

It's the disgruntled prostitute paying fanboys who are constantly disagreeing with a simple fact that sex is better than 100% of things in reality.

Jamie Foxx3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

if sex is boring because the persons in a long relationship thus they then prefer online gaming no wonder the sex is boring shes probably even MORE bored having sex with a geek who cant spice up their sex amount of gaming is better than sex....period

DevastationEve3339d ago

people, love still should take its place way above all this :\

GameGambits3338d ago

Funner? I guess it'd depend on your sex life and the girl you are with. I mean if you were with a cow who didn't move, and wanted to be on top, while making dog noises...idk how much fun you could be having compared to Uncharted 2 lol.

Really though if it was sex with Megan Fox vs any game ever...yah me and Foxy are going to have way more fun I'll remember than a level of any game. ;D

N4g_null3338d ago

If sex to you is like online gaming then are you getting owned? Also do you get raped alot? And better yet sex is not about winning? This is when you know that you are atool if you make such a statement.

jmare3338d ago

I understand the point you are trying to make, but most people when given the option, will choose sex over gaming. To do otherwise says a lot about the relationship that person is in. And the question remains, ultimately which do you enjoy playing with more: Your girl or your games?

And I never saw anything that said the two had to be mutually exclusive.

wildcat3338d ago

Play online games while having sex! Online co-op would be preferred.

solar3338d ago

some questions dont ever need to be asked, and this is one of them. really? id rather have someone play with my joystick then play with my own....

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Sucks2BU3339d ago

you've got to have experienced both after all

coolfool3339d ago

And I've never done online gaming......

iceman29293339d ago

I don't know if im just naive about this, but i truly believe most that anyone on this site could get girls. Some one has to give the < 6s some love! :P The only problem i see with that is that a lot of people might think they are entitled to better looking girls due to all the exposure to porn and well endowed characters in games. Guys , while i know it probs sucks to lower your standards, gettin some is better than gettin none at all. That being said, im sure we have all had experiences with girls below our standard after a few too many drinks... and get made fun of the dragons afterward we slayed.

KionicWarlord2223339d ago

Well this is a tricky question...But let me turn it into a riddle.

How long do you have sex?



You can combine the two at the same time..........your kill/death ratio might not be that great but hey.

Also for those of you 'crazy types' out there - try eating chocolate at the same time for instant triple action heaven....

Sucks2BU3339d ago

When you are playing Uno with the live camera on... oh wait... oops