G4TV: Overlord II Review

Disappointingly, your minions still aren't wildly intelligent. If you're leading a mixed pack of grunts, fire-lobbers and stealthy green killers, sending them into battle at once will result in a massacre of most. That's where the waypoint system comes in. You can set one point for red fire-lobbers that keeps them out of the fray, and another for green backstabbers, who will cloak themselves until enemies appear. There are just enough control options to ensure that you have the tools to defeat hippie elves and fat, complacent humans. Using them turns out to be a hell of a lot of fun and truly addictive in the most positively evil fashion.

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FCOLitsjustagame3340d ago

When I first played the first game I thought the camera was aweful, but after I learned what I was doing I realized I actually had full control over the camera and it never caused me any issues. The camera in this game is not nearly as bad as the camera in a lot of other games....once you get used to it. At least you can actually look all the way around you and see everything.