Why do Madden fans keep falling for the same tricks?

Blade206 from Games on Smash criticizes the Madden franchise.

"Every year EA gives us Madden and every year it's the same old game, except they give us one or two new moves. When are the fans of Madden going to rise up and say "I'm not going to take it anymore?"

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BadboyCivic3377d ago

The same goes for madden.I still have my copy of 08 and i see no reason to buy another until 2K start making football again and force EA to do some work.

-MD-3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Main Series exluding MMOs
92 - FF5
94 - FF6
97 - FF7
99 - FF8
2000 - FF9
2001 - FF10
2006 - FF12
2010 - FF13

Madden Series

every year since release? Point is Madden is the same game every year with minor tweaks every Final Fantasy entry is a completely new game in a new universe with new characters.

cpuchess3377d ago

Madden has new characters too, those who are drafted. Granted they could do that with DLC.

Gamer_Politics3377d ago

well hardcore football fans love buying it every year and besides people have no choice since its the only NFL game....

Kinetix3377d ago

I believe most people that buy madden every year bought their system of choice JUST for madden. These people are hardcore football/madden fans and don't mind buying it every year since they don't spend much money on other games. I don't really know about the rest though.

The gaming GOD3377d ago

Everyone is well aware of the BS EA pulls with madden and everyone is indeed sick of it

The problem here lies in that exclusivity bid EA has with the NFL. If you want an "official" football game, then you have no choice but to buy EA's Madden. No other company can make official football games due to EA's contract. So it's not people falling for their crap. It's just that there is nothing else out there

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