Large Team Fortress 2 patch refines Sniper and Spy

Valve continues to churn out new patches for their FPS Team Fortress 2, this time around releasing an extensive update that includes new adjustments and fixes for the Sniper and the Spy.

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Vip3r3099d ago

Plus more Novint Falcon support too.

-MD-3099d ago

"Force-A-Nature & Flamethrower air blast knockback effects no longer work on disguised spies"


Pandamobile3099d ago

Spy is hard enough as it is.

ChampIDC3098d ago

Yeah, spies are definitely hard enough with rampant spy checking. The best ways to spot spies are still fire and bumping into them.

rawrockkillz3098d ago

It's always hilarious when I am a Pyro and I run into spy. Very I unfortunate for them.