Mystery Tingle Title Revealed

The true identity of that mysterious Tingle game Nintendo has been teasing at over the past couple of weeks was at last revealed today. Not only that, but Nintendo actually released the game! The title in question is "Dekisugi Tingle Pack," and as you might have expected given the sudden release, it's for DSi Ware. DSi owners in Japan can download the game now at 500 DSi Points.

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PS360WII3309d ago

That's the neat thing about DSiWare. Doesn't take the time to print on a cart, mass produce, and get on the store shelves. All you need to do is talk about the game, and then say by the way you can buy it now if you want ^^

SpoonyRedMage3309d ago

Yer, that's certainly awesome. It's also been adopted quickly with major third party's already supporting it like Sega, Square Enix and Namco Bandai.

PS360WII3309d ago

That is key if you want people to notice your download wares!

SpoonyRedMage3309d ago

Yup it's not doing bad for it's self when you consider there's quite a few new IPs going on the service as well as Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star and Mr Driller games on the service.