The Sims 3 review at GameStooge

GameStooge reviews the latest iteration of the cash cow The Sims series.

Excerpt: "There are some niggling issues. Waiting through your Sims' sleep cycle is annoying - even the fastest speed is too slow. The game makes no difference between biological and adoptive parents. The pathfinding is still sketchy, with Sims yelling in frustration when they're confused on where to go. There are occasional graphic glitches, as well. None of these are truly gamebreakers, though you may fall asleep when your Sims do.

Overall, even without Will Wright, The Sims 3 is a Sim-fans wish list come true, even though one can tell future expansions will be coming to fill out some of the missing pieces - workplace, pets, and so forth. However, it does what a sequel should do: it makes its predecessor obsolete - and it's still damned addictive. With that, I bid you a heart "Sool sool!" as I try to make my evil, psychotic genius a top level novelist."

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