[rumor]40,000 Starcraft2 beta testers in each region

Based on the Chinese fansite's report, their representative interviewed Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder earlier today in Blizzard HQ.

During the interview, Christ revealed that there will be about 40,000 beta testers in each region (North America, Europe, Korea, China, etc.), the total number is nearly 200,000.

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c0de3339d ago

Only 200,000 O_O
The Koreans must be very sad for only 200,000 of them may be able to beta test. I'm American and I think it' wasted on us because we're not even that good at games =/
But I guess this way, it'll become more beginner friendly since Blizzard is focusing on sales and not competition. . ,.

ObviousTruth3339d ago

Speak for yourself, my friend.

I don't take the time to master most games; but i can safely say, in my prime, i could have held my own again the koreans in SC.

kuangtu3339d ago

The total number surprised me. I honestly don't know if Warcraft 3 really had that many testers. Does anyone remember a rough number?

Tarmgar3339d ago

Now THAT is beta testing.

Nihilism3339d ago

hmmm i wonder if starcraft 2 will sell well, considering only 200,000 people will be testing it, the f-ed up thing is that there will be way more than 40,000 signing up for the beta in each region

TheIneffableBob3339d ago

Of course it'll sell well. It's StarCraft 2.