SMT Devil Survivor: 5 New Gameplay Videos

The Examiner's Jason Evangelho writes:

"Role Playing Games from Atlus aren't known for coddling and hand-holding, and the acclaimed Shin Megami Tensei is no exception. Part of this week's unusually above average DS lineup, Devil Survivor is the series' first appearance on the DS, and is a resounding - if punishing - success.
Atlus just shot me five videos that showcase the characters and gameplay of this RPG epic. They're lovingly embedded below."

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reluctant_gamer3316d ago

More Atlus love? Thanks for the videos!

wondroushippo3316d ago

I know people who are really looking forward to this one, thanks for posting this!

Bnet3433316d ago

R4 FTW b*tches, muahahaha!