TD Gaming Podcast 128: Produca

This week's Gaming Podcast tackles the history of Full Throttle and the history of the SCUMM script system created for Maniac Mansion. They're also hitting up some game news, talking a bit more about games that have changed our lives and taking to heart some great user comments.

* Activision and Sony battling it out
* Lord of the Rings Online, Userbase Growing
* Bad Wording by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer makes People Think New 360 Coming
* Konami Women Demoted For Being a Mother
* Licensed iPhone Commadore 64 Emulated Rejected by Apple

This weeks question of the week: "If you could only play four games (w/o new DLC for the foreseeable future), what four would you choose?"

[The main link is for the MP3 file, the referral link is the article.]

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