Final Fantasy Coming to Japanese PlayStation Store

SCRAWL: "On June 24, 2009 the Japanese PlayStation Store will be updated with yet another Final Fantasy PSone Classic. This time it's the original Final Fantasy, numero uno, weighing in at 60 MB. When the game launches, it will go for 600 Yen."

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B-Real2063255d ago

It really gives me hope that it will be release over here. 1-9 on psn would be awesome and playable between psp and ps3 is an added bonus!!

Bnet3433255d ago

I am dying to play this game. I tried playing the GBA roms but gah it's crappy on my PC. It don't feel right.

MelaDarkwood3255d ago

I wanna replay FF8 and FF9! =)

Redempteur3255d ago

is this the psone version ?
or is this the psp version ?

both of them are a sham at this price but still

himdeel3255d ago

...and it was pretty fun. I do hope they release all FF games before 10 on PSN eventually.

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SpaceSquirrel3255d ago

Weren't Final Fantasy I and II released together with Final Fantasy Origins on PS1?

ExcelKnight3255d ago

Japan got different releases, like FFIV not being with Chrono Trigger. Maybe FFI was released separately in Japan for PSOne.

Seraphim3255d ago

why charge $10 for FF I and II when they can charge $10 for each. ;) as someone pointed out though, it's possible Japan got these titles seperately. If they do come stateside though I wouldn't be surprised to see them individually sold. Although at that rate I'd much rather stick w/ them on disc than fork out the extra cash to play them on my PSP. ;) Plenty of other great RPGs I can play on my PSP...

Redempteur3255d ago

even the rerelease of these games on PSP was bundled ... i guess there will do like in europe and release them for full price each .

Seraphim3254d ago

actually, if I recall, they were sold individually on PSP. Which is why I never bothered buying them on PSP. Why pay $40 for FFI only to pay another for FFII? they're certainly not worth $40 a piece imho...

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Godmars2903255d ago

And why do I suspect this is the first version of the port and not the updated PSP version which should be made playable on the PS3.

Xof3255d ago

At 60mb, it pretty much has to be the original.

Which is a shame, because the remake is pretty nice, and I'd love to be able to play it on a bigger screen.

grashopper3255d ago

Do you have any idea how tiny those old games were? I don't even think any N64 games were 60mb in size.

TheIneffableBob3255d ago

N64 cartridges were 4MB to 64MB.

grashopper3255d ago

Still long story short...NES games were TINY!

Charlie26883255d ago

I think it could be the enhanced PS1 version or if we are lucky the PSP remake since the original NES version weights around 147kbs and it would make more sense (apart from being easier) to have the PS1 version than a straight NES port

Godmars2903255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

I'm talking more about the differences between NES and NGB/DS versions in terms of quality - who gives a damn about memory size in this day and age. Especially 60MB on a system that has as much as 60GB to 500GB.

grashopper3255d ago

I was talking to Xof saying it had to be the original because it was 60mb. I'm just saying that compared to the original on the NES this file is huge so it may be some kind of enhanced version. If they were popping out N64 games that size and smaller I bet one of the nicer versions of that game at could ring in at around 60mb.

Polluted3255d ago

@Grashopper: He means the "original" PS1 remake, not the original NES game. Apparently there was an even more enhanced remake released later for the PSP.

Incidentally, I'm getting a PSP for my birthday and I noticed you can get FFII and apparently FFI for the PSP. Are they decent? I never really played any of those games before FFVI.

Charlie26883255d ago

@Polluted I consider the PSP remakes to be the best versions of both games given how much things were improved and added even compared to the previous remakes they can also be find for dirty cheap (considering they we already very cheap for a PSP game) yes I would recommend them

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Da One3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

well time for them to bleed the psn dry i suppose, lol

TheHater3255d ago

realize they was stupid not the support/release a game on the PS3 until now.

Godmars2903255d ago

Not enough to do a proper job of it. Put War of the Lions on PSN instead of the original FFT.

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