GameSpot: Spore Galactic Adventures Review

GameSpot writes: "And just like with creatures, buildings, and so on, your adventures can be shared online. As you fly about the universe, you will experience player-created adventures, and your own will be pulled into the galaxies of other players as well. The integration, as expected, is excellent. While getting a search error is all too common when looking for new goodies, Spore's online assimilation is still unsurpassed in PC gaming. The community is still going strong, and judging from the number of comments we received on uploaded adventures, players are eager to try out as many adventures as they can. If you're one of them, Spore Galactic Adventures is a must-play, some obvious issues notwithstanding. It's as charming as you would want from a Spore expansion, but more importantly, it offers something truly new, rather than more of what came before".

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