Let The Conduit review backlash begin

Gonintendo writes:
"It seems that people all around the web are calling out GamePro over the review, feeling that it just wasn't very well done.

Now these complaints are boiling over into NeoGAF and the GamePro staff as well. Check out what one GamePro staffer had to say via Twitter.

"they (people that read the review) don't (like the review) -- because it's not in line with what IGN said. Tae's dislike of the controls caught flack with arguments like..."you can change the input". The output was what he knocked. Just a bunch of crybabies not seeing the star count they wanna. - MitchyD"

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Shoko3375d ago

The guy who wrote the review DIDN'T EVEN PLAY THE MULTIPLAYER, so basically, he played HALF THE GAME. The review was bull. And he complained about the motion controls for throwing grenades and the melee..........although you can take those action off and put them on buttons.

qface643375d ago

i decided to look up the review to see what all the talk was about
all i can say is

that was one assy of a review i think i could have done better and that's saying something right there

i just lost faith in gamepro

Anon19743375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

If you don't like his review and don't personally agree with it, learn from it and don't read his reviews in the future.

I, for example, enjoyed Killzone 2. Edge ended up giving it a 7, not a bad score, but then turned around and gave Onechanbara a 7 as well - and that game is a steaming pile. From that I learned that Edge has no consistency in their reviews and now their opinion of games is shot for me. You learn and move on. Simple as that.

That's what GamePro did here. The effectively gave it a 7. Not a bad score at all. Play it and see if you agree. Ultimately it all boils down to each individual gamer.

SinnedNogara3375d ago

@ qface

You trusted GamePro to begin with??

But seriously, they need to do a re-review. They need to play the whole game in order to give a good score. I don't think they even tried the control customization. It's like if I played one level and half a level of multiplayer and did a review. But I don't, so that's why my reviews are usually late.

qface643375d ago

i never liked em for their reviews
i would just browse through em from time to time for some articles they would have

kwyjibo3374d ago

Edge didn't even bother reviewing any of the Onechanbara games.

You're not going to find a single source of opinion that you agree with all the time.

N4g_null3374d ago

WOW I got the game now and the concept art is way beyond generic! I can't wait to see some of these guys in game!

MEsoJD3374d ago

Well he played the game and you haven't so wait until you get it for

yourself. Might turn out that you hate the game.

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akashifire3375d ago

Stuff that sucks about reviewing games #475: You jot down a poignantly hilarious aside, heroically skewering a game for a specific fault… then you check the menu and realize that it’s optional/adjustable and you look like an asshole for not being thorough.

- Games Radar

Shoko3375d ago

He basically said it looks like an N64 game............cmon man? Seriously? If the graphics don't impress you, that's 100% fine, but to say it looks like Goldeneye? I don't see how anyone could take this review seriously.

Smacktard3375d ago

I don't care about the score he gave it. Just the way he reviewed it. It was very unprofessional.

G4's review, which scored it worse, turned it from a "reluctant buy" to a "rent and see how it goes", however.

SinnedNogara3375d ago

True, I always felt G4 to be a little bias. They gave Halo 3 a 5/5, even though the game suffers the same problems The Conduit apparently does.

IGN and GT do much better reviews. They are in-depth, and even though I still like G4, GT and IGN are much better.

I'll do a review as soon as I get it. We all should.

Thank God that TheMart can't comment here!!!

TheDeadMetalhead3375d ago

You'll see my review up here. ;o

Smacktard3374d ago

To be honest, I think The Conduit is getting way too much flak... much more than it deserves. You pointed out that Halo 3 got a 5/5 and suffers from the same problems The Conduit does. This is mostly true. Halo 3's story is probably better than The Conduits, and its multiplayer options are more vast, but this is the Wii, and some people are judging this as if it's a PC shooter. I think it's just getting a lot of flak simply because it's on the Wii.

--Onilink--3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

any reviewer who even dares to complain about the controllers in this game doesnt deserve to be doing any reviews.. knock it down for anything else you want, generic FPS, predictable story, too much run-gun, even for graphics then claim to be legally bling if you want...but the controllers???? this is by FAR the MOST CUSTOMIZABLE console game ever in terms of controls, so i quite frankly cannot see how the hell he can complain about that, you can map almost every single action to whatever button you want, adjust the sensitivity on every aspect you can imagine, the only thing stopping you from having the best controller options available would be your inability to move some simple bar for one side to the other.

And to anyone looking for a great and fun shooter, do not hesitate to buy it, and that way yyou can be sure you are supporting a company thats really putting some effort to bring quality titles to wii and doesnt deserve to receive this type of unfunded bashing

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