Last Guardian E3 Trailer: Is It Really In-Game?

Digital Foundry writes:

"Yes, there's no doubt we're late to the party with coverage of The Last Guardian's E3 trailer, but we really wanted a high quality video asset to work with before we analysed it in-depth. The results are somewhat intriguing, and the decision to wait was the right one, but even now there's still an element of uncertainty about what it is exactly that we're looking at.

First off, our general impressions. The chances are they're probably the same as yours: there's no doubt whatsoever that this is a trailer is a wonderful piece of work, and it succeeds mostly because of an ethos that we've seen elsewhere in Sony first party projects, in particular Killzone 2. While the basic magnificence speaks for itself, all console hardware has inherent technical limitations (in short, something has to give) but the impact of those compromises in-game can be lessened through the expert handling of art and tech in concert. So with that in mind, here's the lowdown on what Sony revealed during E3."

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HighDefinition3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

All Team Ico games use real time cutscenes.

I knew from the second I saw it it was in game, it`s truly unbelievable........... And IMO is the best graphics I`ve ever seen and it`s probably my most wanted game, SOTC is in my top 3 games ever. The PS3 is pulling off some amazing things.......

Team Ico FTW.

StanLee3380d ago

Not necessarily the best graphics but amazing, amazing art. Seriously, I know people go ga ga for the ultra realistic graphics but I think it takes more creativity to develop such an beautiful, artistic vision. Team Ico's games have always had that artistic direction that's very, very familiar.

Ninver3380d ago

yep all in-game. knowing the game isn't coming for at least another year and looking this amazing is absolutely mind blowing. Something tells me this game will take ps3 gamers on the most emotional adventure since the introduction gaming. Mark my words.

SolidAhmed3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

i agree bubbles on you.

i may add that... i really have high hops for this title since the last two titles were amazing in every aspect especially EMOTIONALLY. therefore, prepare your self for a "unique" experience.

i just wish if somehow.... i have a company and i have both teams team ico and team kojima working side by side in one project .... i wounder what will happen in gaming industry after that project?

Mo0eY3380d ago

Sad thing about it is Eurogamer's in disbelief, and once TLG released, it'll get a 7, maybe an 8 if the author ate his cocoa puffs for breakfast.

JL3380d ago

Is that true that Ico only uses real time cutscenes (like say uncharted)? I've never played either of the other two games. If so though, and this is an example of that, then this game will look even better than I imagined. I mean the art direction is amazing looking and absolutely beautiful. I knew that was going to remain the same when the game hits, however I figured (like most) the cutscene was pre-rendered and that the graphics would take a hit when actual gameplay was shown. If all that's said is true though (like i said i wouldn't know having never played past games before), then this is going to look absolutely amazing when they're done. I still can't get that one image out of my head. The one in the video where the pet thing looks back and it goes to a close-up on its face. The detail in its face, the emotion, looking like it's crying almost or been crying. That and the images of where the boy and his "pet" are laying together napping in the grass. Graphics like that AND absolutely beautiful art direction. I'm loving that combination.

thewhoopimen3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Actually, to me its completely opposite to what you've stated. The art style is close to if not exactly the same as its predecessors in keeping with the game "world" including the washed out lighting, anime-like characters, building architecture, etc. The feathers acting and reacting to touch, wind, elements, etc is pure Graphics and physics. The extreme amounts of complex lighting going in to shadow the guardian's complex body correctly. That is no mean feat. There are so many technical elements going into this creature alone that it is what makes the monster feel (animation) and look "real". You wouldn't mistake it for a real life creature, but lets look at it and compare it to some monster on Geow2, or MGS4 and we see a substantial if not generational difference.

I mean honestly, do you know of any sidekick creature in any console game so far that reaches this level of complexity? Fable 2's dog? Does the dog move like it is real? Is its fur individually shadowed? Does the hair or body respond to elements, damage, etc? Does the display behavior akin to a real life creature?

JL3380d ago

Agreed whoopi. The detail and everything of that creature is just dumbfounding. That has to be one of the best (if not THE best) character models I have ever seen. Just amazing. I'm even more in awe now that I'm finding out Ico's history of no CGI. I can't wait to get ahold of this game.

wildcat3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Yeah check out Shadow of the Colossus. For a PS2 game, it had fantastic animations. It has arguably the best animated horse in a video game. And just the way the character climbs and stumbles on these colossi is very fluid, well animated.

Out of all the games that have been released or have yet to release, I just can't put anything above Team Ico. I absolutely love the feel and atmosphere of their games.

aaron58293380d ago

I think if someone were to analyse the E3 trailer properly, i think he would have spotted a few of the scenes showing that boy jumping.. it's almost like a platforming type of game...

And the art style is very similiar to ICO... and from what i see, nothing in there says "it cant be done on current gen consoles"

SevWolf3380d ago

If someone were to watch the Gametrailers or IGN analysis of the trailer, they would realize that both sites show the gameplay in it, and I was very surprised when they said that a couple of scene were gameplay, when I thought they werepre-rendered...all in all this game is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated games, it looks amazing,for what it is....

Acidicpack3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

First it was Kill Zone2 when it was put up on display at E3 and every one said that it was CG and there was no way a game could look this good. I guess Team ICO gets to prove the haters wrong. This is going to be a great game EPIC!!!!! I hope that Team ICO will take there time on this game and squeeze every bit out of the PS3.
The PS3 is a graphic power house its high time people started to realize this.

mastiffchild3380d ago

@daydream-SotC is one of the very best games ever made, even better than Uco, imo, and even these days I like to replay it every month or so! It's really well animated, the world is amazing and the Collossi incredible. But that framerate! It's more irregular than a speed addicts heartbeat!

Anyway, small price to pay for genius(prolly a little over ambitious for PS2 anyway)and TLG looks amazing. Already the omprovement since Sev's leaked trailr is huge and with a full year left this game is going to be the first where the tech comes close to allowing TI to let their hair down. They usually let the art speak for itself but this time they are using the PS3's muscle too and the game will be stunning-of that I'm certain.

And it's abviously in-game-they don't do CG cuts do they?

3379d ago
pixelsword3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

If you followed me on when everyone was mocking me, I was describing a certain asset to the game in it's early stage(fuzzy).

EDIT: I just saw that it was Eurogamer, so I didn't read the article.

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poopsack3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

yeah their little video is the definition of nitpicking, I thought that by "analyzing" they wouldve been doing somehting similar to what Game Videos did with the GTA4 trailer, "well this seems to be gameplay, but the camera is in a cinematic mode" something like that, but all there was in that vid was Aliasing, did you see it? right there! alot of it, on the tip of the grass, see that the tip of the grass is pointy? ALIASING!!!

CWMR3380d ago

-That is what a technical analysis is. This kind of thing is for those of us interested in the technical aspect of games, not for you oversensitive types. They were overwhelmingly positive in any case.-

popup3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Exactly KnaveX, there is a real flavor/pattern to this and many other articles on digital foundry that is hard to ignore (go have a look).

They pick the best PS3 games and attempt to find any fault possible to expose while never doing so with any 360 exclusives. I don't want 360 nit picking either, just some analysis would be nice.

A balance of compliments of impressive engine optimizations and musings of possible solutions to seemingly impossible scenes would be more to my liking.

I love tech articles though.

poopsack3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

overwhelmingly positive? the only "positives" i saw, were the mention of high resolution textures and the compliment in art direction (once). And sir, im not oversensitive, i just hate bullshi† and their little tone of: notice how it doesnt have to be in the light... that there is a tone of sarcasm in writing, totally unnecessary. BTW, when you're in darkness, and slightly step out to the light, you are slightly iluminated, just like team ico did here.

btw ur really cool cause u singled me out just cause i called some BS out, at the same time making urself seem superior, nice job.

shadow27973380d ago

"And sir, im not oversensitive, i just hate bullshi† and their little tone of: notice how it doesnt have to be in the light... that there is a tone of sarcasm in writing, totally unnecessary."

That was a compliment, it means the lighting is realistic. Occulent illumination or something or other. It's a good thing, but you just see what you want to see and you rant and you rave about Eurogamer bias. It's simply an analysis of the technology used in the trailer, and I found it interesting. I also enjoyed it when they did the same with Uncharted 2, and while pointing out the flaws, they also praised that game.

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TheHater3380d ago

think they know something, but yet know nothing. First Team ICO ALWAYS used real-time in-game cut scene for both of their games so far. Second, Team ICO do not use CGI or touch up their videos to make them look better than they actually are because it take the player out of the experience. Eurogamer should know better than this considering they are a "professional" site.

Ninver3380d ago

Goes to show how much of a turd their site is. When was the last time a 360 exclusive got nit picked to the core like most ps3 exclusives? that's right NEVER! Oh well, just the more reason to fuel more fire on a burning turd.

GEESE3380d ago

But I love ICO's games not for the graphics 'specs' as such, but the unbelievably great art direction and eye for style they use. Too many games this gen just rattle off stats, while fan girls argue about pixels on multi platform crap on lens of truth etc.....

Team ICO have fantastic art talent.

Bathyj3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

This is hilarious. A few haters were calling it CGI after E3. They dont realise they couldn't be paying it a higher compliment.

For starters if it was CG it would looked 5 times better. It doesn't even look CG.

Its very impressive from an artistic point of view, but from a technical stand point its awesome too but not quite the tour de force Killzone or Uncharted is. Hey thats ok, I always said if Killzone was bettered in graphics it would be on the artistic side, not technically.

I'm 100% confident that trailer was all game engine and I wont be surprised to see the game improve another 50% when its released. Expect some fantasticly expressive facial animation, as well as the creature itself being wonderfully emotive.

See, Geese agree's with me about art style.

Sarcasm3380d ago

honestly IMO, this trumps Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. Quite simply because of the animations. Each feather is supposed to have it's own unique physics. Killzone 2 doesn't have that, nor does Uncharted 2. And the fluid animations of the boy as well as the animal, is simply breathtaking. I think people are too quick to judge because the color palette is a bit de-saturated.

And I agree, the folks claiming "I want to see an in-game video, not CGI" are the ones who really are paying the highest compliment to the game.

Barragan3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

if you think that doesnt look like cgi, i was in doubt for a minute that even ps3 could have done that, til i thought about wardevil, cgi wouldve looked 5 times better? theres not a cgi movie or private cgi project that exists that looks 5 times better than the last guardian, that would look better than real life, get off the crack, i never had a doubt of what ps3 can do, there is no limitation, this crackhead skeptic of ps3s power can just read it and weep and keep looking to be baffled by the games that ps3 will keep having that will look too good to be true, probably a pc gamer that doesnt want ps3 to have visuals that outshine the pcs best

stan lee? what looks better than this? please dont say crysis, you pc fans are really wearing the name of that game out, when you mention it soooooooooooooooooooo much you really show how not impressive it is, and how overrated the graphics are, so please dont say it, say wardevil cause thats about the only game that looks better than this

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