Exclusive Lair Gameplay HD

Embedded are two new gameplay videos of Lair for the PS3. Visit the link for the HD versions.

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kamakazi4260d ago

this game looks F*CKING AWSOME. already on reserve :)

Bleyd4260d ago

That's unfreakin believable, man! Now THAT'S a quality looking game.

r10004260d ago

I'm "stiiiiiiiiiill" on the fence about this game... those vids do look pretty good though...

techie4260d ago

Much better than the sh*tty vids IGN provided that everybody is flaming in the NEogaf threads. Looks epic.

Jrocks_4_ever4260d ago

I am definately convinced on buying this dragon game!!!! I was never interested in games like this, but after seeing these videos I will definately add this game to my library. The PS3 is a freakin beast machine and Sony will be coming out with tons of new INNOVATIVE games that just looks so AMAZING!!!!! The great part apart about it is that they are going to be EXCLUSIVE!!! I'm thinking maybe 150 to 200 brand new exclusives for the lifespan of the PS3!!!!! HOLY FREAKIN MOLY!!!!!

LOL.... Ok I am done being under excited.....LOL!!

Screw this.......... I cant wait any longer....I am about to rob Sony for there exclusives!!! The wait is over!!!!!

Who's riding with me????

techie4260d ago

If anyone can sell a dragon game it's factor 5 and sony...anyone else...hmmm. I can't believe I'm excited about a dragon game lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.