WoW patch 3.2 update: quest objectives now marked on the map

The patch notes for 3.2 have been updated to include a user interface change. This change puts markers on the map for quest objectives.

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evrfighter3254d ago

lol wtf.

Next thing you know Blizzard's gonna have to help their customers take a piss...

JonnyBigBoss3254d ago

People still play WoW? My god.

dreamtheater873254d ago

Only 11 million people yeah. It's called an mmo, and they usually last years due to a wealth of content and continous updates from the developers. And there'll likely be a 3rd expansion in time. There are mmo's older than WoW being played you know.

Ruind3254d ago

Everyone uses questhelper anyway.

dreamtheater873254d ago

Indeed, I think an integrated quest marker system is overdue.

jsc249jobal3254d ago

Most people use carbonite anyway, but this being released this far into this game's life is just pathetic, really...

Perjoss3253d ago

my pc is great, but many people cant install many addons as it really slows down the game, so the more stuff they make part of the game code the better. Its still cheap to copy what others have done though, like the blatant ripoff of scrolling combat text.