AU IGN Face-off: Wii MotionPlus vs. Xbox Natal vs. PS3 Wand

From Article:

"In the space of three short years, the gaming scene in living rooms around the world has shifted dramatically. This is thanks, in no small part, to the motion control revolution instigated by the Nintendo Wii, and to a far lesser extent, the PS3's Sixaxis controller.

However, this year's E3 revealed two more paradigm shifts – motion technology from all three major gaming companies that go farther than ever before. In this feature, we examine all three upcoming platforms' strengths and weaknesses to help determine which one holds the most promise for you, the gamer with the dollars."

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ExgamerLegends23167d ago

I'm proud of all you N4G users who no longer comment on these motion vs articles. Keep up teh good work.

DragonWarrior_43167d ago

oh shut up. Move on if you dont like it. ps motion>Motion plus>Natal. Anyone who says different doesn't have any common sense at all.

TheDeadMetalhead3167d ago

How can you even compare the three yet? The only one that's currently released is M+. =/

SinnedNogara3166d ago

The thing is, with Natal you can't play hardcore games. Imagine Call of Duty, or Halo, or Gears with Natal.

You can't play the game in the video with Natal.