New Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver footage

New video of the anticipated remakes including footage of the battle theme and Pokemon following.

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knox3288d ago

damnit, i want this, anyone know if its coming to the us?

-x.Red.x-3288d ago

of course, but spring 2010

knox3288d ago

dont want to sound doubting or anything but did nintendo confirm that or anything>? i havent heard anything

-x.Red.x-3288d ago

I don't know about that yet
But a gold/silver remake that's NOT coming to the us...

it's like throwing away free money for pkmn co.

menoyou3287d ago

another rehash with friend code BS. i will not buy this game unless it has a spot for random online battles.

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Avenged Sevenfold3287d ago

Damn,that Pichu is boss. Gimme this game already dammit!

MUNKYPOO3287d ago

those japs are so crazy

pvpsale8883287d ago

welcome to

kingdavid3287d ago

Can we get these clips minus the jap game show/ whatever the hell it is.

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