Pachter: Only hard drive size holding back new 360 digital releases

Digital releases of Xbox 360 titles are only being held back due to the storage capacity of the console's hard drive, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

He also said that retailers will have no choice but to accept a service offering digital releases day-and-date with the High Street, as Microsoft's publishing partners are likely to back such a service.

"I don't see the timing between new release and digital download being a function of anything other than hard drive sizes," offered Pachter, speaking exclusively to "I think as soon as we have large hard drives - think the rumoured Project Natal 'new' Xbox 360 with a terabyte of storage in 2010 - we'll have day-and-date downloads."

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Blaze9293345d ago

Is that what is rumored for the Natal Xbox 360? Crazy if so. But with Games on Demand launching, I definitely see Microsoft releasing a bigger hard drive in the near future. They just gotta stop with that overpriced bull crap. That or stop being greedy and release the license so other companies can make it for far cheaper like Datel, Madcatz, Nyko etc.

Genesis53345d ago

Hard drive sizes? How about no hard drive in propably half the install base.

Mu5afir3345d ago

Microsoft should have seriously reconsidered their policy towards 3rd party HDD support. Consumers are NOT willing to put up the cash for what amounts to a blatant ripp off.

GiantEnemyCrab3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

%50 of the user base? Do you have a source for that or just a guess?

Considering you can buy the HDD seperate there is no way to give any accurate reporting. All I can say is I've never met a 360 owner who didn't have an HDD. Regardless, even if it's just 1 person it has fragmented the user base and it's not something you want to do on a console platform.

@Below: None of the console makers release specific SKU information so this doesn't seem abnormal at all. They have gone on public record though stating that the Premium is the most sold SKU.

Genesis53345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

No I'm just guessing. Though with MS so reluctant to release sku sales information one has to wonder why. Maybe the arcade install base is larger than they want people to know. I think now they are starting to regret not making HDD's universal in 360's.

maxcer3345d ago

wow 50% don't have an HDD? i find that percentage absurd. out of the 85 people on my friends list none of them have a tard setup. I can see people who are just getting into 360 being in this situation but no way is it half the userbase.

beavis4play3345d ago

how many gigs do most people have on their HDD.

and why doesn't MS allow 360 owners to buy WHATEVER hard drive they want from WHOMEVER they want?

just a couple of thoughts..........

Lifendz3345d ago

then the price for that MS HDD that you can only use on 360 is going to have to drop substantially.

IdleLeeSiuLung3345d ago

Maybe the newer 360 (slim) would instead use common desktop hard drives instead of the power efficient laptop drives. I mean, those things can on rare occassions already be had for around $60-90. In a year, those will be dirt cheap.

Anon19743345d ago

It's either forget about this service or fork out for a new harddrive, and there's no way I'm spending anymore money on my 360 out of warranty.
Currently, with my XBL arcade titles and expansion packs - I can only have one game installed to my harddrive at a time.

Besides, I imagine the games available for download will probably be cheaper to just buy used. This is a good idea, but certainly one a lot of 360 owners just simply won't be able to take advantage of.

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GiantEnemyCrab3345d ago

If MS wants to encourage more digital downloading they are going to have to make a larger hard drive and make them affordable. They are asking insane prices for the hard drives when compared to what you can get online.

Tony P3345d ago

Seriously. I keep asking myself how MS plans to focus on XBL and DD as a service with these tiny hdds. 120GB is pathetic for full games. We need larger storage at fairer prices. It's not hard. Everyone else is doing it. :/

Godmars2903345d ago

Just because you can get a 1TB drive for $99 at this point?

jack who3345d ago

i dont think they are any 2.5" 1 terabyte hdd yet

KionicWarlord2223345d ago

Microsoft should cut the hard drive prices at the same time and release a 320 gig one.

I think that would help.

maxcer3345d ago

i was expecting that kind of announcement at E3. but they might just keep the awful prices but up the size of HDD's. 120gb to phase out the 60gb, and a 250gb to take the 120gb's place

HQLocated1113345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

What he says is true most of the time. He's right about the PSP GO price being a rip off and he's right about 360 hard drive holding back games on demand.

Only fanboys can't accept what he says.

Godmars2903345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

- after being unaware of it before it was announced, how has his track record been so far? How many past "predictions" were even close?

I've been saying lack of HDD would hold the 360 back, that it was a rip-off versus how its being advertised, and all its gotten me in the label of Playslave.

Tony P3345d ago

"What he says is true most of the time."

Excuse me, what? What?

Yeah, he's been on a roll lately amplifying consumer concerns (those are not predictions btw). But the guy made loads of off predictions. He is far from right "most of the time". That's taking it a bit too far.

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