Confirmed: Complete Mass Effect Galaxy For Mass Effect 2 In-Game Reward

Just released today, it appears that someone has already completed Mass Effect Galaxy, the iPhone tie-in to BioWare's Xbox 360 and PC title.

Completing the game for completions sake is so two years ago, as finishing Galaxy rewards you with something for the unreleased Mass Effect 2.

"Your reward for completing the game is already waiting for you in Mass Effect 2," gamers who finish the game are told.

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KionicWarlord2223193d ago

My gosh , they just figure out ways to make me happy.

GiantEnemyCrab3193d ago

How does ME2 know you've finished the game on the iphone? The 2 services are seperate and don't talk to each other.

There will be nothing on your 360 that will say "hey you finished ME jr on the iphone". ME has no multiplayer compenent and does not talk to EA servers. Hrm, sounds like EA is doing some sneaky watching on the back end or something..

JasonPC360PS3Wii3193d ago

Maybe it will read the saves from your phone if you plug it in to the USB ports on your 360, or register online. The link isn't working for me so I don't know.

Tony P3193d ago

I literally screamed "oh shi-" in my head 80 times like an excited schoolgirl until I realised I'd misinterpreted the headline. (I thought you could unlock Galaxy in ME2 for a moment there.)

Still this is pretty cool.

dragunrising3193d ago

"Confirmed: Mass Effect Galaxy for Blackberry"

I wish...:-(

On topic: EA should be able to give out in game items provided you register both games.