Game Informer: Fight Night Round 4 Review

Fight Night Round 4 is one of those rare titles that taps into and exploits your emotions - the fear when you know you're one punch away from being knocked down; the anger and frustration that sets in when you're not landing your best blows; a buzzing excitement you feel when you rock your opponent on his heels and go in for the kill. Keeping these emotions in check and using them at the right time is how you steel yourself for 10 rounds of punishment and ultimately achieve glory. Only a powerful game can elicit this kind of rollercoaster ride. Like a wise trainer, EA prepared its pupil for this moment, easily crafting its best boxing game yet.

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shocky163374d ago

Can't wait to get this and I'm guessing I'm the only one who enjoys analog controls too ;P.

ChayneSmokin3374d ago

No my friend I also enjoy the analog controls.

The_Devil_Hunter3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Sweet but in the end im betting UFC will be selling more copies. Eh both really great games tho.