Gaming Evolution Reviews Crimson Gem Saga

It's no secret that for a PlayStation platform, the PSP hasn't received its fair share of quality RPGs within the three years it's been on the market. Though there were titles like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Jeanne D'Arc and several others that kept audiences glued to their handhelds, most of the RPGs that hit the mighty handheld were either lackluster, or simply were a victim of the technical issues surrounding using the UMD format. In an effort to bring more quality titles to the handheld, Atlus teamed up with developer IronNos to bring Korean developed Astonishia Story 2: Fate to Unhorse One to the North American market in the form of Crimson Gem Saga. In a generation all about visuals, Crimson Gem Saga harks back to the days of simplistic visuals and simple, yet robust combat system so that gamers can easily enjoy the engaging experience from beginning to end.

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