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AtomicGamer writes: "Based on what I knew of Alan Wake and Remedy's reputation, I was already excited for this title, but after seeing its survival horror-style presentation firsthand, I'm now anticipating it as a game that could revive this increasingly stale genre. The gameplay seems equal parts strategic and action-driven, and the setting-supported by some fantastic outdoor environmental visuals-could have fright-seeking gamers forgoing Silent Hill for a trip to Bright Falls instead. If the story can maintain the fright factor while still remaining grounded in the real world, Alan Wake could achieve the rare feat of delivering a survival horror experience that satisfies both the imagination and the thumbs".

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really duh3314d ago

I don't think people thought this was a full blown action game most the followers knew it was a paced action thriller.

Good preview. I don't know how the devs got a open world game to look like this.

KionicWarlord2223314d ago

They Asks the gaming gods...

The gaming gods...

Greywulf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Maybe its not?

Although Atomicgamer> Wired,LAtimes,1up,Gamespot,IGN ,Kotaku,Gamepro,Gametrailers,e t c.

I think most were underwhelmed by the gameplay after its 5 year silence. Its almost shocking alan wake is still icecold as far as news goes on n4g. Shocking, but not surprising.

Looks fun definitely, but it remedy didn't show off some amazing second to none game engine with physics/day night time cycle etc which is what Wake was supposed to be based on the previous e3's 2005. The excuse is "but its sandbox" yet those excuses weren't around when people were parading around pretending this was going to show off the 360's hardware.


Sorry, it did win Game Critics Awards for something.. Apparently you know what it is... no one else does..
-It was a physics masterpiece
-It did show the day/night cycles that were displayed in the PC demo
-It did show second to none visuals
-Alan Wake is the hottest news on n4g, even though its not even in the top10.

My bad. Disagrees = Denial folks, hate to say it. But Alan Wakes presence at E3 wasn't remarkable considering the development time. You guys don't even care, hence its place in the hottest stories.

Im excited for alan wake just as much as everyone is that has a medium grade PC.

I don't even think anyone remembers this trailer:

really duh3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Oh please troll. Everybody is excited for this game and are impressed with it. Your damage control efforts are pointless.

KionicWarlord2223314d ago

Yeah they didnt show "everything". Rememdy`s keep it a secret . But for the mean time.

This coat looks plausible .

Greywulf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )


Remedy didn't show any progress they've made since the 2005 trailer.. Which showed huge worlds, weather, physics, water.. They showed 1 night time sequence.

With a flashlight.

I want alan wake, but 5 years and nothing on the level of the first confusing. They didn't show any story points either. Just an odd demo that was nothing like the 2005 trailer.

xbox360achievements3314d ago

Multi plat? Where have you been hiding? =P

KionicWarlord2223314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Yeah i did want to see it at morning time. But during this year will see more.

I just want to here a little more about the story.And rememdy`s quote

"We will be doing physics and lighting never done in games before."


You didnt like the trailer?

GiantEnemyCrab3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Greywulf: What was the point of all that? Am I supposed to not want this game now? I just don't see the point in you writing an essay about how many ways this game has disappointed because it was low-key at E3.

Can't wait for this game and I am very impressed by what I see.

really duh3314d ago

During the day you run around in story/puzzle mode so to speak and at night all the action and danger appears.

LOL at you saying this was running on PC seems like PS3 fans are starting to use that excuse a lot as the high production value 360 games start rolling in. You do know 360 games can take 4 or 5 years to develop too right? Funny PS3 fans were trying to make it seem like Splinter Cell C footage was PC.

Greywulf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Yes, it was low key at e3. Thats the point. That the 2005 trailer and previous buzz/previews have all been about things that weren't even shown at this years e3. Which for me, was underwhelming. Sure the game might be good. but i'm not one of the people pretending to be excited about seeing absolutely nothing.

If I, like most, have been buzzed about alan wake since the 2005 techdemo/trailer, why the hell would I be excited to see someone walking around in the dark? What exactly would I be excited for in this specific demo/gameplay that didn't just literally see in Alone in the dark? Since 2005 I wasn't drooling over alan wake because I could use a flashlight.

Who here was excited to see a flashlight demo? It didn't reveal any depth to the gameplay or the lore of alan wake. Its like you're starving and someone tosses you a cracker, and now all of a sudden its the best meal you've ever had. Its my 60.00 I damn well deserve to be critical of a developer, especially one that has been as secretive as Remedy has, and for what? A flashlight?

KionicWarlord got my exact intention of what i posted. more than likely because hes a level headed person. I would have loved to have seen an expansion of the 2005 trailer, not what was shown at e3. It wasn't impressive, as the buzz/hottness in the media/n4g shows. I'm sure it will be when they show more of the 2005 stuff, but for the specific instance at e3, it wasn't worth the time to even show up at the show.

ReallyDuh, No one said the 360 demo was running on a PC. Are you blind? I've seen Pc games, they look nothing like Alan wake or splinter cell. Sorry. I said I'm looking forward to alan wake just as much as anyone else with a medium grade pc.

SevWolf3314d ago

Im not gnna bother replying to the fanboys on EACH side
@'ve been posting that pic on EVERY single comment, now I doubt that isn't a bullshot, but if it isn't a bullshot then we've got one of the best looking games yet

Obama3314d ago

Greywulf is right and Alan Wake is nominated as one of the most disappointing game by GT. To be fair, I think people set their expectation too high for this game, and it fails to overwhelm them when the footage is shown.

really duh3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

"Fanboys of each side"? All I see are 360 fans posting excitement and two trolls hating on Alan Wake by mentioning crazy fanatical off topic rants.

Greywulf3314d ago

Keep blindly pretending that anyone that doesn't bend over backwards to pretend a flashlight demo was impressive = instant fanboy. We all look forward to playing the game. but i look forward to Remedy showing off what they showed off in 2005 in a more updated engine. Which they didn't do at e3.

really duh3314d ago

His true feeling and intent are showing.

Can't wait for Alan Wake.

SaberEdge3314d ago

Ignore Greywulf. He is in almost every article writing the same nonsense about how great PS3 exclusives look and how poor 360 exclusives look.

Alan Wake is easily one of the best looking games on any console, the fact that it is a large open-world game makes it that much more impressive.

If someone is going to deny that Alan Wake is one of the best looking games on the horizon, what is the point of discussing anything with them? They are going to deny it to the ends of the earth, simply because they are fans of a particular console and need to create these myths to console themselves.

Greywulf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

but that some how turns into:

"i hate alan wake!" on your screen im sure.

[email protected] Saberedge:

Who awarded Alan Wake as having the best graphics of e3 again?

Also, i wish I said alan wake looks bad. Else you'd have a point.

What aspect of Alan Wake is shown to be superior to other games: modeling/animation/lighting/dy namics? Anything? Because outside of the n4g comment section, no one else is saying it.

Jinxstar3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Ok Why Dis... I mean Really Duh.

The game looks good. I want to know a few things though. How "open world" is the game... There are variations of openworld. There is GTA/Infamous/Prototype openworld. Then there is Silent hill/Zelda openworld. Basically a big hub that connects you to story parts and you get to retrace through it. There are variations in between like Far cry or something like that. From what I saw I think it may be the latter simply due to the linearity of the gameplay shown. There weren't 15,000 different ways to take. Maybe 2 or 3 at most. Show me a world map on par with GTA and not Silent hill and I'll believe it. As of now it's all PR talk.

The other thing I want MS to confirm was that the game was running on 360 hardware and not PC hardware. Left 4 Dead for example looks soooo much better running on PC. They wont say that though and denial is confirmation. Just like the Brink and Mass Effect footage shown.

Call me a troll or a fanboy or whatever you like but don't pretend for a second your any better.

Edit: for the record I am looking forward to the PC version myself very much but I'm not about to get wrapped up in the hype train is all I'm saying.Step lightly because saying things like "Completely open world" or something similar sometimes bites you in the rear.

@ Xbox 360 achievements

Like I said the game looks good. Ground breaking? innovative? Bets graphics ever? A lot of the things it was called it doesn't appear to be. Just my 2 cents(There you go Really) look at the stage demo of Uncharted 2 vs Alan Wake. Helicopter, Buildings collaping, Running through crazy hectic stuff with no slowdown at all and it looked Amazing in every way. Alan Wake was slow paced, little action and while it looked good(See my above post for my want for confirmation) I still don't think it looked anywhere near as good as UC2 bro. Maybe it's that it was a dark set. I don't know. The game looks like fun though. I will give it that but on par with any of the big name PS3 exclusives it was supposed to sink in story, Graphics, scale, gameplay or anything? I PERSONALLY don't think so

Like I said though I can't wait to play it but it's not at the top of my list... It's a pretty long list too.

SevWolf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

ok you guys gotta understand when I said fanboys, it means exactly that boys(or girls) who are fans, now the web makes ppl get it in a very negative way, so I didnt mean it in any offensive way
@ kionic..thanks for the link, looks very impressive, can't wait to see some real footage, as in one which shows the true potential and in HD :), not some crappy youtube vid, or over crowded live stream vid
Edit: @ Jinxstar..there's also MGS 4 open world, well not exactly, but for example in ACT 1 there was so many ways to get through, like when you had to go to Meryl, I replayed it like 6 times each in a new way, you can nearly enter EVERY building, but anyways I also want to know how open world Alan Wake is

really duh3314d ago

PS3 fans in here telling us who we should feel about games classic.

Won't even bother reading that rant.

Enjoy Alan Wake people or STFU

cmrbe3314d ago

For such a long time Alan Wake was touted as the x360 game that will have better graphics than any game on the PS3.

After 4 years and this is what we get?. ND will release 2 Uncharted already before this game is released that look better than this game. Now all of a sudden its not suppose to look great because its has an open world environment?.

Look, I am not downplaying Alan Wake. I am getting it on my PC as well. I just find it funny that now that we see Alan Wake as is. People are convientely overlooking the fact that this game is suppose to have the best graphics ever on console according to you x360 fans.

GG was attacked constantly for KZ2 long dev time but in the end they created the best visuals on consoles. What about Remedy?. You guys should be thankful that most PS fans are not calling this out. The truth is i am sure most PS fans don't care.

xbox360achievements3314d ago

Alan Wake was one of the best action games on show at E3 this year. I don't know where you get these underwhelming feelings from. Maybe you didn't see the same game.

It's so much more than an action orientated flashlight scene. The story is solid and the story telling mechanic is innovative. It's a single player narrative and I thought it looked great personally.

I personally think you've (Greywulf) over hyped it in your head.

People really need to stop telling everyone it's a sandbox game as well. Remedy told us it was a pretty linear title with the day/night cycle controlled by the story, not by the user. Which makes sense.

SevWolf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Why do ppl get offended when one says that he's waiting for a game, which is on more than one console, on a certain console...I'm playing Alan Wake on my 360 cause I dont have a high-settings pc, Im also waiting for Bioshock 2 on my 360, and Assassins creed 2 and Batman:AA on my PS3, that doesn't make me a "fanboy"
EDIT: Greywulf isn't necessarily saying the game is horrible or will turn out horrible, he/she just said that the demo wasn't impressive to him/her, and I agree I wasn't too impressed either, I know the game's got more stuff and much BETTER stuff, and I WANT to see that, guess we'll have to wait...I mean look at GOW III, the first couple of footages didn't look that gr8 then all of a sudden an awesome trailer comes followed by great gameplay demos and such..Im expecting the same for Alan Wake

SaberEdge3314d ago


Lighting, animation and textures are all top notch. But again, you are just denying the obvious, so what's the point?

Uncharted 2 won several Best Graphics at E3 awards, but that doesn't mean that it is miles better. It might have been a hair better and the end result would be the same: it wins. You PS3 fanboys take that to mean that Uncharted 2 is untouchable and every other (360) game looks nowhere near as good. It might have been that those reviewers/journalists simply liked the overall look of Uncharted 2 more (technology combined with art direction).

I think that Alan Wake looks amazing and I don't care which game is technically more impressive. Nobody can ever prove such things because you aren't comparing like to like. Uncharted 2 has relatively linear environments, for example, and how would you ever conclusively prove which game was doing more from a technical standpoint. When games are this nice looking does it even matter?

Greywulf3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Overhyped? I saw the 2005 trailer..So i cant be hyped for the trailer? I cant expect to see more expanded from that? What are the 360 fellows rules again? they are very very hard to follow because they make no sense.

You're a fool if you're telling my I overhyped the game based on its own trailers. Get your butt in line with your head on that one.


From what was shown of alan wake, there is nothing remarkable graphically in it. Which is why I asked you the question, because I knew you couldn't come up with anything other than the generic 'well in my opinion all games look just fine!' nonsense. People are seeing things that aren't there when they are pretending Alan Wake has the best(with a b) _______. We haven't seen anything, barely any animation, yet you know its top notch? Please. Again, some of you are willing to believe anything because theres nothing else. But its going to take Remedy showing off their improved 2005 trailer to get my $60.00. It can get there one day, but im not pretending ive seen it here now, as most of you are blindly doing so. Saying alan wake has the "best" anything is a huge exaggeration based on factual screens/trailers. Has good visuals, but most games do. now if you haven't said it has the best graphics, fine. Game on, but you know people do.

Im sorry, but Uncharted2 is miles better than any console game currently displaying its technology. Pretending otherwise is just that, pretending.

Jaces3314d ago

Every time I hear about Alan, I'm filled with glee. lol.

Really one of my most anticipated games so far.

Obama3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

After the footage has been shown, I don't think anyone, not even the media outlet, praise the graphic anymore except for a few MS loyalists. We all have seen the footage and most of us can agree that it looks good but not overwhelming. The fact is if it is the best looking game, then it must have won some graphical awards in which it didn't. (didn't get even nominated in GT for instance.)

GiantEnemyCrab3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

There is a difference between being disappointed yet still hopeful for what you've seen and then there is laying it on thick. Grey that's fine if you are disappointed but you replied to someone complimenting the game as if you are arguing why it won't be good.

Then you start your comment with this:

"Apparently no one else thought it was an action game either.. or worth winning any E3 game of the show awards either."

Nothing in his comment deserved a response like that. You were looking for a fight/troll and you found it.

ugh sorry for going so offtopic on this..

el zorro3313d ago

It's curious the way PS3 fans are here claiming that nobody thinks the graphics in Alan Wake are impressive yet in this very article the author praises the graphics saying "and the setting-supported by some fantastic outdoor environmental visuals".

Also, Alan Wake was a runner up in several Best Graphics awards at several game sites. Mass Effect 2 was also nominated in several places.

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SaberEdge3314d ago

You mean- "graphics-wise this game makes PS3 fanboys jealous, so we feel the need to attack it and try to downplay it".

Obama3314d ago

You gotta stop lying. If it LOOKS that good, then it must be recognized by some of the sites there right? Which site ever said it is the best looking game? In fact I don't hear them saying how impressive it looks after the footage has been shown.

When Gears 1 was first released, I admitted that it was the best looking game at the time, so even if I am big ps3 supporter, I acknowledge good looking games. Unfortunately Alan Wake is not one of them.

GiantEnemyCrab3314d ago

Obama: AW wasn't playable on the show floor and was shown behind close doors, besides the stage presentation. Similar to Heavy Rain which also isn't getting much recognition but do you think that makes it any less of a potential great game or that graphics are automatically going to suck?

el zorro3314d ago

Nobody said it is THE best looking game. PS3 fanboys are usually the ones that always try to think in absolutes.

I think most of us are just saying that it looks incredible in terms of graphics, but also looks like it is going to be a really fresh and exciting game.

Obama3313d ago

"Nobody said it is THE best looking game"

Is that why I see some of the 360 fanboys here touting it as the best looking game ever?

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Foxgod3314d ago

Awesome looking game, its so good to be a gamer!

cmrbe3314d ago

Alan wake is on par with Uncharted 1 from the gameplay trailer i have seen.

Chubear3314d ago

How the hell does this look like Uncharted 1... and for you to compare a declared AAA 360 exclusive game to the graphics of a 1st gen PS3 game doesn't bod well for this game.

Look, this game is essentially Alone in the Dark 2. There is nothing special they showed about this game that we haven't seen in many other multiplat games.

You all keep talking about open world open world but we've seen NOTHING of this "open world". All we've seen is Silent Hill or RE type pacing but still I hear "Oh!! looks godly for an open world game"

When will the 360 fanbase wake up and realize they've just been used like so many million of others were in past generations with the likes of the Jaguar, 3Do, etc. Don't you all see how all in-house exclusives from MS are just average and heavily dependent on hype to do well? Can't you see in it's 4th year the 360 hasn't managed to get games that look like so many new IPs that came out for the PS3's 1st year on the market? People are really fools for supporting MS's 360 console and come this time next year they'll really feel the hurt when MS dumbs them yet again.

el zorro3313d ago

Chubear, GTFO with your stupid condescending comments. I have both consoles and I know full well what I am getting with each one. I don't need some delusional fanboy trying to tell me what I should think about the two consoles. To me both consoles have their pluses and minuses, but I do have a bit of a preference for my 360.

The 360 generally has the best looking versions of most multiplatform games, while the PS3 tends to have some amazing looking exclusives. The 360 has some good looking exclusives as well, but it seems to me that Microsoft doesn't have the quantity and quality of first party
developers to consistently match Sony's output. That is Microsoft's biggest weakness in my opinion. All in all though, there isn't much difference between the consoles in terms of graphics.

I respect people's right to have a different preference, but I don't take kindly to morons telling me I am stupid for supporting a particular console.

Snatcher3314d ago

Just because of this game, and Splinter Cell Conviction.

I'm serious.

Foxgod3314d ago

I would too if i didnt own one already :D

cmrbe3314d ago

I already have a PC for those two games.

CWMR3313d ago

-I only have a weak little notebook and if I didn't already have a 360 I would rather buy a 360 than spend the money on a gaming capable PC. I prefer consoles anyway. PCs are a bunch of hassle, with little payoff.-

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