EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #46

The Cast of Evil looks at the releases of the week as well as the following topics:

1. China Town Wars on the PSP

2. C64 Emulator DENIED!

3. Xbox 360 Dash Sped up

4. Gamestop not worried about Digital Distribution

5. Duke Nukem Begins!?

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bgrundman3342d ago

Glad that the podcast is back again

Neco5123342d ago

REALLY glad to hear this back up again! I like the show!

reluctant_gamer3342d ago

Congrats on coming back guys!

CrAppleton3342d ago

Seriously good to be back

Neco5123342d ago

The bloopers are hilarious! Can't wait to hear more!

CrAppleton3342d ago

Amazing what alcohol does to you... lol

wondroushippo3342d ago

That C64 emulator getting denied especially sucks - Apple allows so much crap through that denying a licensed emulator is baffling.

Spolodaface3342d ago

Great to see the old formula back!