The Portable Gamer Review: iSamurai (iPhone)

TPG writes, "Let me start out by saying that the physical games which require you to swing your arms around like an idiot, need to remain on the Wii. Nintendo is doing a fine job of making gamers look like fools in their own home, and I would like to think that people wouldn't flail their arms around like they do in front of their TV, in public. Well, I was wrong, there are some who enjoy scaring the crap out of others in public places by swinging their arms around like a crazy person."

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wondroushippo3377d ago

What's the point of playing games any more if you can't look like an idiot while doing it? That I can do it in public now is a plus!

Neco5123377d ago

HA! Good point! Looking dumb in public is super cool

killyourfm3377d ago

File under: Games that should banned.

CrAppleton3377d ago

Seriously.. just not that great at all

CrAppleton3377d ago

A game like this truly could be fun with another player.. but the single player aspect blows hardcore

reluctant_gamer3377d ago

I don't know if I'd really want to fling around my 200 dollar phone like that...

Spolodaface3377d ago

ah man, there aren't any good samurai, ninja or pirate video-games anymore are there?