First 10 minutes: Red Faction Guerilla

Gamersyde writes, "In the big family of mindless but very fun games, Red Faction: Guerilla is the new king. These three videos should give you guys a good idea of what this game is about: Destruction, destruction, and more destruction. Don't look for a deep story or character development, it's all about killing and destroying as efficiently as possible. Personally I love, and our friend Bombstrike who is playing in these videos and spent his weekend destroying buildings with his hammer can only confirm."

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DelbertGrady3378d ago

Actually, the character development and story are very good imo. You also need to be tactical to pull off later missions. And the destruction is something else =)

Awesome game!

Lifendz3378d ago

I refuse to watch the vid because I don't want anything spoiled. I watched the recent Co-Op vid about it and it seems like nothing but fun. The multiplayer sounds legit and the single player is supposed to be great.

Next 3 games: MLB09, Motor Storm Pacific Rift, and Red Faction.