Dragon Age Origins: Sleeper Hit, OR Hit to Sleep On?

Gary A Swaby of writes: During E3 I got the opportunity to sit down and check out a demonstration of one of Bioware's new and upcoming RPG titles by the name of Dragon Age. Teaming up with EA who will be the publishers, I told myself as soon as I sat down, "If this is coming from the makers of Mass Effect and Knights Of The Old Republic then it cant possibly disappoint". For the most part I was very impressed by the demonstration, and will most likely be purchasing this game. But with very stiff competition, will this game arise on the shelves as a Hit game, or will it be hugely slept on?

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Lucreto3315d ago

I was interested in this game but the violence trailer put me off. The sex scene is not the problem but the amount of blood is the problem. If I have the option to turn the blood off I would buy it.

ptotoy3315d ago

and then kill it again in its soul form

blacksniper3314d ago

Is it as much blood as NG2 or less.