Monster Hunter Freedom Unite released for PSP

Capcom Brings Its Biggest Selling PSP System Game to North American Gamers Beginning Today

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Myst3260d ago

Well there is Ad-hoc party and Xlink Kai, most who do not know about it are being told about it; and those who do not need it have friends close by. So it's not really bad everybody outside of Japan has found a way to enjoy the game so far.

I personally have gotten used to Ad-hoc being I live 30 minutes away from my friends. During the fall semester I won't need it as much though.

Johnny Rotten3260d ago

Ad-Hoc Party should be released to the rest of the world, why would any Japan developer want to put extra time and resources into creating infrastructure when the easier option already exist.

Not everybody knows about Ad-Hoc Party and not everybody has a Japan account and I can guaranty it's not advertised in the manual, so why does Sony feel like they always need to lolly lag is beyond me?

Myst3260d ago

It will be, but it still has a ways to go from being what the developer probably (and I don't know this) intended. There are still some things about it that make it not suitable yet, personally I've experienced some freezing and have been kicked out of rooms because of errors and such. I'm assuming the next update will take care of that or maybe it was just a random thing I'm worrying over.

Plus Ad-hoc party is going to be localized but no release date was given. It was stated back in a Gran Turismo PSP article which can be found here.

"Sony representatives have already confirmed that Ad-Hoc Party is coming to the United States, so keep an eye out for more information about the software in the coming weeks and months."

Johnny Rotten3260d ago

thanks for the info Nuri. If they can get Ad-Hoc party up and running in time for the release of GT it'll be a pretty big leap for portable gaming!

Keith Olbermann3260d ago

and it doesn't work. I followed the instructions on youtube but I get this message screen saying something in Japanese and the word playstation3. I have no idea why it does not work.

Dir_en_grey3260d ago

Ad-hoc party doesn't work if your PS3 is wirelessly connected to the net.

ThanatosDMC3260d ago

If only Ad Hoc Party can be used wirelessly by the PS3, why the hell does it have to be wire?!

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-EvoAnubis-3260d ago

Until it's out on PSN, I really don't give a sh*t. Not buying even one more game on UMD.

Solbadguy3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

that it will not be getting a PSN release at the same time of the UMD, but this game is just too good of a game to pass up. I'm crazy enough to buy it again once its comes on PSN. $30 is a steal for a game like MHFU especially with ad hoc party.

BX813260d ago

I just recently got a PSP and I don't know much about the features but can you play this game by your self or do you need a group of people.

-EvoAnubis-3260d ago

You CAN play alone, but the ideal situation is that you're playing in a group of four.

BX813260d ago

Thanks for the response bubble up!

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