PS3 FW 2.80 To Be Announced Very Soon was just browsing SCEA's Press information website when they noticed something very strange. While looking at the contents, I saw "PS3 Debug Firmware Update 2.80". Looks like PS3 FW 2.80 could be announced any moment now!

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Pennywise3378d ago

Let it be something useful. Last firmwares have been worthless. Upgrade/stabilize the browser... IN GAME VOICE CHAT.

Thats all I want and need at this point. The rest is just icing.

Mr_Bun3378d ago

I can see the video walkthrough now...

LiquifiedArt3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

(hope i got the name right)

Firmware 2.8 won't be much of anything special, hence you haven't heard anything about it, but X-Game voice chat was going to be a main feature for firmware 3.0 (coming later in the year).

So i wouldn't get too hyped up over 2.8.

On a sidenote: I like to bathe in mustard.

Mr_Bun3378d ago

I'm sure you're right, but I hope you aren't

whoelse3378d ago

I don't want to see any "OMG Sony WTH where is cross-game invites?" or "where's in-game voice chat?" if they are not included in the firmware. Sony knows that you want it, so be patient. And remember, Sony is a business not charity.

heyheyhey3378d ago

Super Secret says it's nothing major, nothing to be too excited over

he also says that FM 3.00 will have ingame voice chat, so we shall have to wait a bit longer

gintoki7773378d ago

super-secret might be right then 0.0 so he must know what hes talking about because he knew this before anyone

callahan093378d ago

I think in-game XMB was a bigger step than cross-game voice chat or private voice messages, and the in-game XMB came with FW 2.40, so why couldn't the other voice features come in 2.80?

LordMarius3378d ago

So then the PS3 slim is real

Pennywise3378d ago

whoelse, If you dont want to hear it. Dont listen. Gamers want it so they gave us text chat. Next time I want a kiss I want my girl to kick me in the teeth and let me know I got mouth contact.

Sony needs to release xgame chat. I dont want to hear gamers defending them. If they have time to make a stupid photo gallery program, they have time for xgame chat.

Lifendz3378d ago

I'd like the ability to use a custom avatar.

NegativeCreepWA3378d ago

I'm not getting my hopes up this time.

whoelse3378d ago

I'm not saying people shouldn't ask for these features but Sony knows how much people want them.

People screaming about the lack of features that they wanted after every update gets in the way of constructive feedback.

Myst3378d ago

I agree with Lifendz I want a Custom avatar to :(

Xbox Avatars Shoe3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

I only used that dumb photo gallery once and never again cus it's too slow compared to just flipping through pics at the XMB. Text Chat was meh; I don't like pausing a game to type a few words only to get them bleeped out. It bleeps the stupidest things! Examples:

"notifi" - WTF?

"lolo" - again WTF?

"sunglass" and "glass" - LOL

And if you type a few numbers in a row like 838464 it blocks them all out.

The worst part about disappointing FW, is that you know it's gonna be a long time to the next (probably disappointing) FW is released.

I'm only harsh on Sony cus I love them.

Edit: FW 2.8 OFFICIALLY announced (and disappointing):

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PirateThom3378d ago

Wait... remember that guy who posted on the forums saying FW 2.8 would be coming this week?

doctorstrange3378d ago

He said it would come on Wednesday, I wonder...

MainEv3nt 693378d ago

@PirateThom he said it was coming tomorrow and if it does i guess that means hes right about PS Cloud

Super_Secret3378d ago

Different guy you're thinking, I'm afraid ;)

interrergator3378d ago

PLEAZZ BE GOOD im sick of these little updates and its boring me

Muggles3378d ago

Maybe he's legit after all!

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