GameFocus: Prototype Review

GameFocus writes: "Prototype is the latest open world game to hit the big gaming platforms and it's certainly one of the best we have seen in many ways. Good graphics, incredible gameplay, well done audio, great presentation and some of the highest value we have seen in a while. But the game does have one major issue and that is with the story. The story is decent if you wish to follow it but there is very little reason to since the story is simply not compelling enough to follow and I found myself skipping the movies."


+ Fantastic destructive gameplay
+ It's a great representation of New York
+ As the infection spreads so follows the chaos
+ Great story telling use of absorbing people to see their part of the story
+ Audio is well done for the most part
+ Gameplay rocks…


- Repetitive people on the streets
- Sometimes the bloody missions are freaking difficult
- Some of the side mini-events are overly hard while others are tragically easy

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