Gamepro: The Conduit review

Tae K. Kim writes:
"I'm not sure who I should blame for The Conduit's shortcomings. Do I blame the developer for making a rather generic shooter with a convoluted storyline that isn't as epic or mysterious as it wants to be or do I blame Nintendo for creating a console whose lack of hardware power essentially handcuffs every developer who tries to create a "next-gen" game for it? Hell, maybe I should stay within the game's conspiracy theme and just chalk it up to the Illuminati -- they're always trying to ruin everything, right?"

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Blink_443226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Perfect example of a horrible review.


WTF!? They give the conduit a 3.5 and say that it just might be the Wii's best fps.....gamepro blows.

Panthers3226d ago

No, that just shows that Wiis FPS games blow.

dustgavin3226d ago

I have to agree with you on that one.

GCNSeanFoster3226d ago

What is a "Reivew"?

Who are the idiots approving this stuff without reporting it for bad grammar?

N4g_null3226d ago

Seriously does it matter? I have crysis and enemy territory: Quake wars at home and I'm still getting this game. Those games are better than every thing you have on consoles right now. I mean if you are not good at metroid then maybe you can not understand how much fun we are going to have. This game may expose more people to the motion control effect that you all cheer about, yet this is only the beginning. This game is about getting the core of FPS right not the extra fluff the stuff that you believed FPSing was about. I will be playing this game more than UT3 think about that.

This game is for people who play games not for people who just critique them. I think reviewers are missing the point well game pro is. Oh well it does not matter any way. This game is not being made to beat another console we already have games that do that. This game is not here to prove any thing to HD gamers. It is a game made for Wii owners who love FPS and people who love great controls.

If you are not going to get it then why bash this game? Why is there so much hate against this game? Also if all of you guys are here for sef then that's pretty sad, what are you proving? Wii owners are not going to care if this game flops are crushes halo, yes I said halo because I havn't seen a PS3 game sell that many copies yet. That's not hate that just the truth.

I mean really What are you guys trying to prove? We have fun, we have VC, wiiware and a nice line up that has already start producing games right now. You may not want this game but us wii gamers are going to buy this and we are not worried about rubbing this in your face ok? HD console have enough problems to deal with.

Lots of times I want to comment in your sections but I just realize like many others that you guys don't want to here things from another side.

So conduit is generic... you miss the point... halo is generic, quake 3 is generic, realism is generic. I play FPS because of the controls and the game play. I don't play FPS for stories only console gamers do that. I play side scrollers and mystery games for stories.

Another thing is don't you guys realize hating on this game is making it popular at the same time. I don't go and look at bad reviews but this post is 190 right now.... and most Wii owners don't even come to this site. Hey most people that are going to buy this game have made up their minds. We are not kids that serum to peer pressure about gaming. We know what we like and we don't like fluff.

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phantomexe3226d ago

gamepro not a very good site.If you guys have ever been to there forms those guys fuel a flame war.Just yesturday they droped some news saying actvion was going to pull support of the PS3.Gamepro not what they use to be.IMO

Seferoth753226d ago

Gamepro has always been Pro Sony. They'll use any excuse to justify it. I remember when they did their next gen score card and had PS3 ahead in every single area. Even had 2 catagories for Cell just to give PS3 the advantage. Looking back they couldnt have been more blinded by their fanboyism. Well Just Sid Shuman or whatever really. Their not all fanboys just the ones in charge.

In fact most Wii coverage doesnt even come from them. it comes from one of their sister sites. Their too busy cashing Sony checks for good reviews for crap games

Fishy Fingers3226d ago

Ha, a fanboy moaning about bias. Gotta love them double standards.

Syronicus3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

You took the words right out of my mouth. Bubbles to ya.

The review is not all that good, I'll admit that but to insinuate the Sony Fanboy Theory here is just plain ludicrous.

Anon19743226d ago

You think maybe the reason behind Gamepro doing a next gen score card and ranking the PS3 above the other next gen consoles is because the PS3 is above the other next gen consoles? Just a shot in the dark here.
I wonder what "good reviews for crap games" he's referring to.

It's sad how he can't simply be happy to be a Wii owner without having to hate everything else for some reason. Personally, I think the Wii is a great little system, just not for me. I like the PS3. That doesn't automatically mean I have to slag every single other console under the sun.

morganfell3226d ago

Anyone that has played the game has walked away shaking their head. Generic, no AI - NPCs are there they just do not have the "I" portion, and atrocious looking by today's standards. All of the smack talk from the dev team is now relegated to the Denis Dyack School of Game Development.

mastiffchild3226d ago

Gamepro? Pro Sony? No, sorry, just no. Bad site? Yep. Pro Sony? No.

It's a very poor review as well when you consider the main thing HVS were after was making the first real full package FPS for Wii. If it had been anything other than a bit generic we should have been amazed frankly. As long as the SP is good enough and the mp surpasses the lag heavy MoH and the connection issue ptone WaW(plus it's 4v4 pointlessness) then it's doing it's job.

Look for the sequel to do the extras we expect from PS360 shooters as right now The Conduit just isn't competing with KZ2-and it doesn't need to does it? Halo CE didn't have to when it landed on the first Xbox and the FPS landscape on Wii is just as barren as that was then, no?

I've only played a little( at Liepzig last year)of an early build and though the AI wasn't like Killzones it was definitely as good as anything on the Wii. Also it was never HVS who said this would look like a 360 game-it was just a mistake that people made walking past their booth at E3 2008 wasn't it?

IF The Conduit was reviewed more in context of it's aims(and for this you HAVE to include mp) then I suspect a score higher than 7/10 can be expected but people think that HVS were aiming at MW, Killzone2 and Halo3 when really they just wanted to beat what Wii already had and they may have done that while finding out what's possible on the little white box.

phantomexe3226d ago

DarkRide you are a hypocrite.You do your own share of consul bashing to be calling someone else for doing it.

Anon19743226d ago

I challenge you to find one post of mine where I console bash. Just one. I've been critical of all systems at times, but I have a point and I never make claims I can't substantiate. I never simply bash a console. I think each console this gen are great systems, and each has it's specific strengths and weaknesses and they've all had their missteps. If you believe otherwise you simply haven't been paying attention.

Don't go calling someone a hypocrite unless you can back it up, son.

Seferoth753226d ago

LOL at the real fanboys here.. Each and every one of you. If you dont think Gamepro is bias the way they always talk up Sony then you are one of two things. A. A complete idiot. B. A blind fanboy. Try actually going to the site for more than just one visit.

Hell I gave you one specific example and all you children completely ignored it. Proved your bias right there. But here is yet another example. When the Next gen play times come out SOnypro always posts them so that PS3 gets the most play time of ANY console.. However one look at the actual numbers shows PS3 dead last. They know the numbers are wrong but its helps them promote your chosen company so of course like good sheep you never complain.

MEsoJD3226d ago

Your Frustration amuses me : p

Mahr3226d ago

Seferoth75, let me see if I can frame this in a way that you'd understand.

Do you remember when Edge or Eurogamer or some place gave Killzone 2 a 7/10 or something and then some site released an editorial to the effect of saying it was the result of bias, and how the magazine was unprofessional, and how giving the game a 7/10 was somehow worse than the holocaust? Do you remember how silly that editorial was?

Please don't be the Wii equivelant of that editorial in comment form. It does no favors for yourself, the game, the people who made the game, the system, or the system's owners.

TheBand1t3226d ago

I just figured it out. Seferoth is an asshurt Gamecube fanbaby who is just huffy because it got creamed last gen.

Sorry if your hatred for Sony is so clear cut and transparent, but Sony games ain't crap and Gamepro ain't biased. Wipe your tears and be happy HVS is attempting to give you some hardcore games and that this is a good first try for them

Killzone 1 sucked yet Killzone 2 is one of the best console shooters available. The Conduit 2 could be the Wii's big shooter.

solidjun53226d ago

The irony is hilarious to me. Like the bandit alluded to, HVS made a solid first effort and you should be happy with that. The graphics looks superb for a wii game. Just because this review isn't what you expected, you're still going to buy it. So buy it and LIKE IT! So will you STFU and stop acting like SONY is going to prevent companies from games on the system. I'm getting the game and I don't care what gamepro says (I usually like reading the substance of reviews anyway). If you, you butthurt nintendo fanboy, is so pissy about this review, just read the IGN review over and over again.

Anyway, I'm getting this game and I hope tons of wii owners gets it too. The controls look solid (no pun intended) and the fact i can customize it so I can be comfortable with it is a great thing.

TheDeadMetalhead3226d ago

You're calling Sony fanboyism over a review of a WII game, and yet you have an avatar that tries to stereotype PS3 owners as babies.

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cardgenius3226d ago

Gamepro is a joke. Everybody knows this. I mean, they gave Godfather II a perfect 5/5. Same with Ninja Blade and other games that were pretty bad. The forums are a free for all. You can say and do whatever you want. If you want to see TRUE fanboys, check them out. But, they must have a loyal fan base since their magazine is still going.