Battlefield Heroes Preview (ZTGD)

Odion writes: Battlefield is a series which a lot of PC gamers hold dear to their hearts, 1942 is still played by a ton of people but when D.I.C.E. decided to turn their attention to our low brow cousin the console gamer we were a little ticked off. But D.I.C.E. has made good on us by giving us this first of its kind third person shooter in the grand Battlefield universe.

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Pandamobile3381d ago

I don't even care for BFH anymore.

I would have liked it if they released it last summer like it was supposed to.

tudors3381d ago

I played the PC version without voice support but really it is such a good game, I have a feeling that records will be broken on Xbox-live when this game releases.

Pandamobile3381d ago

It's not coming to Xbox...

mcgrawgamer3381d ago

he means BF 1943 which looks very similar to BF heroes.

mcgrawgamer3381d ago

and that means it would be an awful game it they charged for it. I had a okay time in it when I could access the beta but now that punkbuster want's to be an a-hole on my system I can't access the game to check out any of the improvements or the new maps which I were notified of today. oh well team fortress 2 never left me out in the cold...

tudors3381d ago

"I'm guessing
he means BF 1943 which looks very similar to BF heroes"

Yes mate thats what I meant.