Fallout 3: Point Lookout Bugged As Well?

Point Lookout, the fourth downloadable episode for Fallout 3, arrived on the PC and Xbox 360 this morning. In what's become sort of a common routine with Fallout 3 DLC, a few bugs have cropped up.

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Redgehammer3341d ago

as soon as i went to that site i was hit with a redirector that gave me a bs pane about system vulnerabilities.. be careful

GiantEnemyCrab3341d ago

and you didn't read the article because complaints are the same for both PC and 360.

Can't make any friends and you even suck at trolling.. not much hope for you.. HA hA!

Eiffel3341d ago

Ohhh, you got owned you yellow douche.

GiantEnemyCrab3341d ago

I got the same thing #1.

On topic: I've been lucky with the DLC for Fallout so far. I've managed to avoid the bugs many people have encountered and I hope it's the same with this one. I will be grabbing this tonight.

EvilCackle3341d ago

I've just been waiting a week and picking it up after they get all the hiccups cleared up. Each episode only takes a couple hours anyway so there's no rush.

sam22363341d ago

While I'm really looking forward to this (Getting it tomorrow!), I wish Beth would fix the ACTUAL game instead of pushing out all these DLCs. Seriously. Having the game freeze while turning around, having your aim stuck to the right hand side of the screen, having the game freeze while entering V.A.T.S. and having the Pip-Boy menu get cut off at the top of the screen is starting to piss me off.

sam22363337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Whoever disagreed needs to get their head checked. The game is seriously broken and NEEDS TO BE FIXED!! But Beth are money hungry, so they're going to release the UFO DLC (Which is a re-skinned Operation: Anchorage) and leave it at that.

Assuming all Fallout 3 fans have bought every DLC so far (And have bought the game for €60 like I have), then we've actually spent €78 on the game and then we'll pay another €6.00 for the UFO DLC. That's €84 altogether.

Hell, I've even read on the 'net that Point Lookout is filled with bugs! Although the only one I've seen so far is the very bright water in some places. The majority of the bugs I've witnessed have come from the main game - walking through the Wasteland.

Beth needs to get their sh*t together. Then again, Oblivion is still broken...

EDIT: Here's some links to prove all of those Beth ass kissers wrong:

Main game bugs:

Operation Anchorage bugs:

The Pitt bugs:

Broken Steel bugs:

Point Lookout bugs:

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