PS3 160GB inventory limited at retail

Inventory for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 160GB model was limited at U.S. retail in a recent status check at Best Buy Co. Inc. and select online retailers.

The lack of product at major retail channels may be an indication that the bundle will be discontinued shortly

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saint_john_paul_ii3339d ago

dont be surprised if it happens with the 80gb for the slim.

eagle213339d ago

But if the Slim is indeed 120GB, that's awesome. :)

gokuss1220023339d ago

Slim and price drop (due to slim) this holiday (just my hypothesis).

Sev3339d ago

John Paul II speaks the truth.

Don't be surprised if they are emptying the retail channel so they can launch the slim.

It will be happening sooner rather than later.

Claudinho693339d ago

i wonder if you get your ps3 YLOD after the slim comes out, they will send you the slim

ColossiSlayer3339d ago

Old Grand 60 GB back, unless they send me a *clears throat* PS1/2 BC 120 GB PSthree, I prolly have to sign an NDA from Sony. lol

truehunter3339d ago

PS3 slim should go for 350$ with 320GB HDD. it dosnt cost that much for bigger HDD. & that way ppl save money from buying a bigger HDD.

My PS360GB 500$ + 320 GB at 78$

Notice i didnt buy the PS3 it was a gift. Notice i didnt buy the HDD my bro did. Over all i just save a buncha money on console insurance.