MAG Mondays Featuring Exclusive Developer Diaries

Jill Webber - PR Manager on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"Hey PS.Blog readers. In case you haven't noticed, over on GameTrailers, they've started "MAG Mondays," featuring exclusive dev diaries from the Zipper Interactive folks working on MAG. The first video posted last Monday, and took us through the overlying persistent Shadow War, where each battle victory or loss contributes to your PMC's world standing, moving it on the offensive or pulling it back to the defensive."

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rbluetank3224d ago

my money is already at gamestop...i hope to see you guy's soon!!!

The_Count3224d ago

I'm counting the penny's for this game!

Ah ah ah.

ReaperXL73218d ago

Seriously the game looks better everytime I see it in action, I think i'm deciding between, Valor, and Raven because they both look pretty awesome.

I just want to know what the main differences between them will be other than their outward apperance.

Either way, looking forward to the game.