Aion release date confirmed

MCV: Leading MMO publisher NCsoft has finally confirmed the release date of the impressive looking Aion: Tower of Eternity. European retail will welcome the PC title on...

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Kakkoii3380d ago

Blade & Soul from NCSoft is going to be a lot better than Aion. A lot more innovation is going into it, along with beautiful graphics.

Major_Tom3380d ago

Yes the graphics from Blade and Soul are some of the best I've ever seen but I still don't have much of any idea how it's all going to work out. I don't know if it's goin to be better than Aion but both are using heavily modified Crysis engine.

Chris3993380d ago

And I've played the Aion beta, which is excellent. Easily the most polished MMO to hit the market in recent memory. Not one crash or hiccup, gorgeous vistas, great effects and a - surprisingly - decent story. The flight aspect is brilliantly done. I really hope that they market this to success in the West.

I've already pre-ordered Aion (collector's), I will have to see/ play more of Blade and Soul before forming an opinion.

Gun_Senshi3380d ago

Aion uses CryEngine ONE (Farcry 1)

Blade and Soul uses Unreal Engine 3

Kakkoii3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

As Gun_Senshi said, Aion is using the old CryEngine1, not CE2. While Blade & Soul is using Unreal Engine 3.

Just looking at the gameplay videos of B&S, is enough to show how different it is to your typical MMO battling styles. Then there's the wall running stuff which is awesome, and a more realistic food creation system. It's really looking quite interesting. And the battles actually look more interactive, instead of just droning your way through like most games.

Aion may be well polished, but it's just feels like the same ol' stuff to me, with different models and storyline slapped in.

If your connection is slow:

If not:

Blade & Soul gameplay trailer - 1280x720

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Midgard2283380d ago

while blade and soul looks good, i doubt thats an MMO, combat like that with thousands of others no lol, might be like guild wars.

now aion looks amazing, gorgeous graphics and awesome gameplay. lol my gf is buying a laptop alone for it, and blade and soul, as im buyin a new desktop for these games, Cant wait :D

Baka-akaB3380d ago

I very much doubt Blades and souls is like guild wars . It's just like Terra another korean mmo that tries another way for the action .

Aion remains in the vein of WoW/Eq wich isnt a bad thing , but blades and souls will try to fill the void left for actio oriented mmo , mostly occupied so far by crappy free games .

Gun_Senshi3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

already aws in n4g frontpge

I got Pre order on collector's edition on Aion. I love NC Soft

I hope i get in beta ^_^

Right now just finished gvging on gw. Lead guild to 3 victories in a row muhahaha

Now back to uncharted 2 beta which i won today ^_^

Chris3993380d ago

You should have received the little box with your code when you placed the order at EB (or wherever). If not, go back to your store and ask them.

Next beta is July 2nd - 6th.


Gun_Senshi3380d ago

in my country there are no eb games or any big shops.

i had to buy mine from

FinalomegaS3380d ago

I saw it and after playing DDO, LOTRO,WAR, WOW... same shyt different smell.

Blade & Soul... I think all the blood is just a turn off, blood isn't needed but the game play looks sweet.

Now compared to Continent of the Ninth, IMO looks more my taste. I've spent thousands of dollars on Korean MMos and honestly they are different than your western MMOs.