MAG promises 30fps, always

TVGB: "MAG is an ambitious game by any gamer's rubric. The smart and terrifyingly ballsy guys over at Zipper Interactive have decided to make a 256 player multiplayer-only experiences for console. In real life."

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CaptainSquirts3311d ago

Hope this game gets me hooked like socom 2 did

The_Count3310d ago

I can't wait to count the frames a second!

Ah ah ah.

OmarJA3310d ago

This game will be huge i can't wait.

The_Count3310d ago

I can't wait to count all 256 players!

Ah ah ah.

pianplay3310d ago

Just shut up and leave.


i just hope that the game doesn't produce too much lag. I know for sure there will be at least SOME lag, but im hoping its kept at a minimum...

AssassinHD3310d ago

I actually find The_Count quite entertaining.

The_Count3310d ago

0...1 Agree to Assassin!
0...1 bubble to assassin!

Ah ah ah

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The_Count3310d ago

I can't wait to count the ammount of battling Microsoft and Sony Fanboys.

Ah ah ah.

OhReginald3310d ago

..since Socom series always had horrible frame-rate problems.

iLemon3310d ago

FINALLY! Somebody using nextgen power to focus on a FPSs game play over graphics. I hope it doesn't feel like a giant arcade style death match.