Firing Squad: Sapphire Toxic HD 4890 Review

Firing Squad writes: "There's an arms race brewing among ATI's board partners. Now that ATI has a GPU that can easily scale to frequencies like there's no tomorrow, ATI's board partners are currently locked in a clock speed war for all the bragging rights.

The GPU in question is ATI's recently released Radeon 4890. While it's fundamentally based on the same architecture as the Radeon 4870 with 800 stream processors and 256-bit memory interface with GDDR5 memory, ATI has made a number of tweaks under the hood of the 4890's RV790 GPU in order to enable higher clock speeds. Decoupling capacitors have been added in order to reduce signal noise at high clock speeds, while the GPU has been tweaked to consume slightly less power than its predecessor. Higher voltages also help the chip scale to higher frequencies, with ATI revamping the board's power subsystem so it delivers more juice to the GPU. ATI also says they've retimed the entire chip to run at higher frequencies."

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